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Rasbliutto Recordings

while opinions vary, often to the point of fisticuffs, rasbliutto recordings has been described as a sober game of asshole, an impossibly hopeless vanity label, an anticapitalist sweatshop, a socio-political put-on, a raunchy late-night tryst between a philosopher and an elephant, a feeble attempt at legitimacy, the fully-baked realization of an impossible pipe-dream, and so much more.

what rasbliutto *is*, of course, will not be fully known until it has ceased to exist, since (aside from the inscrutable "fun foundation") it's sole raison-d'etre is the music.

music? yes, freely-improvised, partially structured, accidental, found, and through-composed new music have been, are, or will be represented here. in addition, rasbliutto recordings reserves the right to do anything else it can muster up the resources to do. rasbliutto recordings is owned and operated by musicians, despite overtures from madonna, stephen spielberg, and rupert murdoch, and its operating budget and debt-to-earnings ratio will remain a mystery as a result.

rasbliutto recordings has already issued a small but potent catalog of rare and out-of-print small-batch recordings featuring improvising musicians and composers from the portland, oregon region. from the dysfunctional uber-freedom of super unity to the whiskey-addled electronic ravings of jack lunetti to the primordial nonlinguistic communication of don brown and dan reynolds, rasbliutto recordings has been proud to branch and weave rhizomatically from the initial tour-only offerings of the foster/jenkins/eubanks trio and BEDS.

rasbliutto recordings focuses on small releases and x-ray attention to artistic details. so many of our releases do not last long, however they can always be copied from the masters upon request.