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Carnival Ad Nauseam
@ Kimo's Nightclub
1351 Polk St. @ Pine
San Francisco CA   
Alwyn (415)522-0182 Wednesday booking only

For San Francisco's frantic fringe, held at Kimo's Nightclub. Edge...experimental...improv music...for open minds and open ears.

Shows start at 8:00 pm, every Wednesday...until the pigs blow the house down...

Booking and info (for Wednesdays only):

UPDATE 2 July 2001:
It's official:
After over a year of holding our ground at Kimo's, Carnival Ad Nauseam
will cease operations after the month of July.

Money...that's what it's all about; business is business. No hard
feelings, because I saw this one coming for a long time; I also am
surprised that the series lasted as long as it did.

Thanks to the people who came out to check it out, to the bands for doing your thang, thanks to Kimo's for giving us a chance, and thanks for all the fish.

The Carnival may set up somewhere else again sometime, but until then,
keep music alive by buying drinks at your favorite and friends' bands'
shows...remember, each one counts, ya bastidz.

Alwyn Quebido

11 May 2001:
Kimo's is open, soundproofing being virtually done. We still need to decorate, though. And, of course, the police were still called upon that night to try and shut down the joint. Fortunately, the closing band for the night, the amazing new band The Mass, was in the closing minute of their set as the police came in.

(sigh) What can I say?