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Luggage Store Creative Music Series
1007 Market Street
San Francisco California   
(415) 255-5971

Thursdays 8-10pm
Admission $8-15 sliding scale
All ages welcome, no one refused for lack of funds.

The LSG Creative Music Series is the longest standing experimental music series in the Bay Area and California, with weekly Thursday night shows since 1991. The venue aims to be a welcoming, inclusive space for musicians of all backgrounds and levels - from artists trying a new project in public for the first time to well-known international acts. Founded by LSG Gallery Directors Laurie Lazer and Darryl Smith, the series has been curated by several Bay Area musicians. Since 2002 it's been curated by Outsound Presents and improviser/composer Rent Romus. They present a wide cross section of sound artists from every experimental genre.

The series is an artist-run, grass-roots DIY effort that relies on professionals in the community who volunteer their time. Please join us in setting up chairs, curtain, lights, sound once a week, and contact Outsound Presents to get involved in marketing and project coordination.

The Luggage Store Gallery is a non-profit corporation funded by the City of San Francisco, grants, and your contributions. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, Noon to 5pm. For gallery information call 415-255-5971.
The majority of our booking occurs when an artist contacts us.
To book your project please use our Survey Monkey
Contact Rent Romus if you have any questions.

Artist-run, volunteer, grass-roots DIY effort
Type of Music Presented
Experimental: new sonic, improvised, noise, electronic, lowercase, avant-jazz, outrock, 21st century composition, and sonic art.
Weekly on Thursday Nights 8-10pm
Usually two or three acts per night. Load in and setup is at 7:00pm Setup
Set times
45 min if two sets
30 min if three sets
Booking Lead Time
six to eight weeks in advance
Terms & Policy
70% of door proceeds is equitably split between sets. 30% of door proceeds go to the Luggage Store Gallery for use of the space. We volunteer our time and efforts to running the show. One comp admission per artist is recommended.

No Open Rehearsals: Please prepare for your concert prior to the scheduled date.

Luggage Store is an art gallery. We will not book acts that would endanger the series for future artists Destructive performance art is not allowed including the use of power tools, fire or fume generators. This is a no smoking environment including incense or scented candles.
Facility and Equipment
We have a simple PA (mixer and 2 speakers, 2 mic stands, 2 mics), as well as tables and power strips. If you plan to use the PA, please bring the cables you would need to plug in. We can take mono 1/4" cables or XLR.
With enough notice, we may be able to secure a video projection surface. Max Capacity 75 (standing room)
We Do Not Have
Piano, projector, green room
We Cannot Provide
We cannot provide a guaranteed payment minimum, hotel accommodations, transportation, rehearsal space/time, or a dedicated sound person. (We will set up the PA and help you sound check, but if you need someone to stand in different parts of the room and set custom EQ, then it's a good idea to bring your own person.)

Located on Market Street near Taylor 1 block from Powell Street BART station, and several San Francisco buses stop right outside. Parking is best on 6th, Taylor or Golden Gate. Stay out of alleys. Loading in by double parking on Market is risky - you can get ticketed. We recommended using a cart for transporting equipment so you can park, load up your cart, and trek on over to the space. Be ready for 30 stairs, there is no elevator.
Questions?, please email us

To Book a Gig
Check calendar for date availability.
Submit a booking request using our Survey Monkey Form. Questions? Rent Romus

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, February 28 2019 8:00 PM
8:15 pm Pex/Hodel
Jakob Pek - guitar, Lee Hodel - acoustic bass
Far out explorations exploring just intonation, deep listening, sound as music as art, and noise
8:50 pm Sandy Ewen - prepared guitar
9:25 pm Millevoi/Orcutt duo
Nick Millevoi - guitar, Bill Orcutt - guitar
First time improv with guitarists Nick Millevoi and Bill Orcutt

Nick Millevoi is a guitarist and composer whose music searches for the sonic cracks between jazz, rock and roll, noise, and modern composition. His band, Desertion Trio, featuring bassist Johnny DeBlase and drummer Kevin Shea, takes on the history of instrumental electric guitar music and throws it in a blender. Noisey describes Desertion Trio as “Supremely weird desert noir,” and NPR Music said the band’s debut “hits the sweet spot between Neil Young's exploratory Crazy Horse jams and a spaghetti western soundtrack.” NPR Music says, “When Nick Millevoi plays the guitar, it's like a rocket darting skyward between clouds.”

Bill Orcutt has been on the road regularly ever since, releasing a string of solo albums on his own Palilalia imprint alongside collaborations with drummers Chris Corsano and Jacob Felix Heule, cellist Okkyung Lee, guitarist Bill Nace, Hayley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux, and Brazilian trio Chinese Cookie Poets. In 2012 he picked up the electric guitar once again, resulting in 2017’s Bill Orcutt, his first solo electric studio album. The self-titled session features serrated, howling, spacious explorations of familiar tunes from Ornette Coleman’s “Lonely Woman” to “When You Wish Upon a Star” and “Over the Rainbow.”

Sandy Ewen is an experimental guitarist, artist and architect who has recently relocated to NYC from Houston, TX. She has two new duo albums, one with percussionist Weasel Walter and the other with guitarist Chase Gardner on Marginal Frequencies. She has an upcoming solo LP on Gilgongo Records, and a forthcoming Astral Spirits cassette with percussionist Lisa Cameron. In years past, Ewen has performed alongside Roscoe Mitchell, Keith Rowe, Lydia Lunch and many others, and has performed and recorded with Jaap Blonk, Henry Kaiser and Weasel Walter. Ewen's approach to playing is centered around found objects and extended guitar techniques.

Jakob Pek is a multi-instrumentalist versed in free improvisation who is deeply fascinated with the idea of "sound as music." His work has been described as "trans-historical," and "trans-continential."
Lee Hodel is a bassist and composer originally from Brazil. His work explores just intonation, alternate tuning systems and unorthodox notation systems.

Thursday, March 7 2019 8:00 PM
8:15 pm DNR Trio
Devin Gray - drums Nathaniel Morgan - alto saxophone Ryan Feirrira - guitar
9:00 pm Elliott Levin & New Olduvai Ensemble (Tom Rollison+Cartoon Justice)

Elliott Levin & New Olduvai Ensemble (Tom Rollison+Cartoon Justice) - Eclectic Free Jazz Saxophonist Wordsmith joins forces with Tom Rollison (found of New Olduvai) and Members of Cartoon Justice for an evening of librating improvisation in music and spoken utterance. Elliott is a Philadelphia based veteran tenor saxophonist who has played in Cecil Taylor's ensembles, was in the horn section of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, still plays with Marshall Allen (of Sun Ra's Arkestra) and Don Preston (of Mothers of Invention. Frank Zappa.) Tom Rollison is the guitar/bass/electronics behind New Olduvai...Cartoon Justice are adding their free improv into this Free Jazz excursion with Mark Pino Drums, Eli Pontecorvo Bass, Kersti Abrams - Alto Sax, Mika Pontecorvo - Guitar, Electronics.

The DNR Trio consisting of Nathaniel Morgan on alto saxophone, Ryan Ferreira on electric guitar, and Devin Gray on drums, is an exciting new collaboration of Brooklyn based improvisers who aim to please its global audiences. Founded on the love of dark basement sessions and long conversations about the health benefits of Kombuchia; the three like-minded improvisers share fertile inventive musical landscapes. With shared musical and artistic visions, the trios endless need for listening with open hearts is their main ingredient for musical success. The excitement around the feeling of this musical potential is what will bring their music to your ears.

Thursday, March 14 2019 8:00 PM
8:15 pm Franck Martin - modular synth
9:00 pm Murder Sewage
Naomi Harrison-Clay (sax), Joel Nelson (Guitar), Maia Ziaee (synth), and Rowan Mathews (vocals)

Franck Martin, born in France, draws his inspiration from the works of Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and also from various artists like Iannis Xenakis and Hughes Le Bars. His first album, released in 2016, is a timid exploration of the tools for Electronic Music Production. Some tracks are influenced by the years he spent in Fiji and in the Pacific Islands and were often composed during his travels. His more recent albums are sonic experiments using an ever evolving modular synthesizer, often recorded in live conditions. Franck Martin continues his exploration in the creation and production of electronic music, whilst meeting other fellow artists from San Francisco and the world.

A new band formed at Mills College, Murder Sewage, in the fall of 2018. Chaotically existing somewhere in the realm of noise rock, improvisation, and punk jazz, the sewage kids include Naomi Harrison-Clay (sax), Joel Nelson (Guitar), Maia Ziaee (synth), and Rowan Mathews (vocals). We draw influences from many of the artists and teachers at Mills College including: John Bischoff, Laetitia Sonami, and Zeena Parkins. While trying to learn lessons from bands like Throbbing Gristle and Wolf Eyes to build a unique mixer of sounds and approaches to our music. We work with a simi-composed approach interspersed with improvisation. Each piece is structured by written material and further influenced and manipulated by improvisation. The music can be mixed and matched in many different ways leaving each performance new depending on how we organize the written material. Our "traditional" instruments are also used in varying extended techniques with the use of guitar pedals and electronics. Each member of the band has developed a unique approach to their instrument by pairing it with electronics. For example, the vocals and saxophone are extended well beyond the normal range of what the instruments are expected to do by using this method. The band can be described as a collaboration between musicians, each with a unique approach to their instrument thereby creating a unique musical experience. Approaching the idea of a band as a collective that can explore sonic fields within a given musical structure. Murder Sewage is a contemporary ensemble taking up a role in transmuting the dark shadow world into the sonic realm.

Thursday, May 9 2019 8:00 PM
8:15 pm seah/faizalshahrin
9:00 pm Cheryl Leonard
sound art/vocals/invented and natural instruments produced in surround sound

Cheryl E. Leonard presents Slough, a piece in quadraphonic sound for water, sand, rocks, and shells, plus field recordings of water. Slough was inspired by the San Francisco Bay Estuary and explores transformations from water channel to mud flat and vice versa.

seah is a sound/video and movement artist working with field recordings taken from her body in landscape, somewhat based in Oakland though highly nomadic. faizalshahrin is a sound engineer and composer working in 5.1 and beyond surround sound. Together we work in tandem to create immersive audio/visual environments.

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