Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Luggage Store Creative Music Series
1007 Market Street
San Francisco California   
(415) 255-5971

Thursdays 8-10pm
Admission $8-15 sliding scale
All ages welcome, no one refused for lack of funds.

The LSG Creative Music Series is the longest standing experimental music series in the Bay Area and California, with weekly Thursday night shows since 1991. The venue aims to be a welcoming, inclusive space for musicians of all backgrounds and levels - from artists trying a new project in public for the first time to well-known international acts. Founded by LSG Gallery Directors Laurie Lazer and Darryl Smith, the series has been curated by several Bay Area musicians. Since 2002 it's been curated by Outsound Presents and improviser/composer Rent Romus. They present a wide cross section of sound artists from every experimental genre.

The series is an artist-run, grass-roots DIY effort that relies on professionals in the community who volunteer their time. Please join us in setting up chairs, curtain, lights, sound once a week, and contact Outsound Presents to get involved in marketing and project coordination.

The Luggage Store Gallery is a non-profit corporation funded by the City of San Francisco, grants, and your contributions. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, Noon to 5pm. For gallery information call 415-255-5971.
The majority of our booking occurs when an artist contacts us.
To book your project please use our Survey Monkey
Contact Rent Romus if you have any questions.

Artist-run, volunteer, grass-roots DIY effort
Type of Music Presented
Experimental: new sonic, improvised, noise, electronic, lowercase, avant-jazz, outrock, 21st century composition, and sonic art.
Weekly on Thursday Nights 8-10pm
Usually two or three acts per night. Load in and setup is at 7:00pm Setup
Set times
45 min if two sets
30 min if three sets
Booking Lead Time
six to eight weeks in advance
Terms & Policy
70% of door proceeds is equitably split between sets. 30% of door proceeds go to the Luggage Store Gallery for use of the space. We volunteer our time and efforts to running the show. One comp admission per artist is recommended.

No Open Rehearsals: Please prepare for your concert prior to the scheduled date.

Luggage Store is an art gallery. We will not book acts that would endanger the series for future artists Destructive performance art is not allowed including the use of power tools, fire or fume generators. This is a no smoking environment including incense or scented candles.
Facility and Equipment
We have a simple PA (mixer and 2 speakers, 2 mic stands, 2 mics), as well as tables and power strips. If you plan to use the PA, please bring the cables you would need to plug in. We can take mono 1/4" cables or XLR.
With enough notice, we may be able to secure a video projection surface. Max Capacity 75 (standing room)
We Do Not Have
Piano, projector, green room
We Cannot Provide
We cannot provide a guaranteed payment minimum, hotel accommodations, transportation, rehearsal space/time, or a dedicated sound person. (We will set up the PA and help you sound check, but if you need someone to stand in different parts of the room and set custom EQ, then it's a good idea to bring your own person.)

Located on Market Street near Taylor 1 block from Powell Street BART station, and several San Francisco buses stop right outside. Parking is best on 6th, Taylor or Golden Gate. Stay out of alleys. Loading in by double parking on Market is risky - you can get ticketed. We recommended using a cart for transporting equipment so you can park, load up your cart, and trek on over to the space. Be ready for 30 stairs, there is no elevator.
Questions?, please email us

To Book a Gig
Check calendar for date availability.
Submit a booking request using our Survey Monkey Form. Questions? Rent Romus

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, January 30 2020 8:00 PM
Mit Darm is the electroacoustic duo of Edward Schocker (glass/shō) and Suki O'Kane (electronics).
Often seen in their main collaborations Thingamajigs Performance Group and 'Fraid o' Freyja, Shocker and O'Kane created Mit Darm as a way of exploring discrete sonic ideas, and teetering nuanced gestures into noise.

Hanes/Adams is the improvising electronic duo of drummer John Hanes and reed player Steve Adams

Steve Adams and John Hanes came together to form their laptop electronics duo after extensive careers in other areas of music. Steve is a renowned saxophonist and long-time member of the Rova Saxophone Quartet. John is a widely respected drummer, active in jazz, rock, blues and experimental music. Both came to electronic music as part of their ongoing search for new approaches to their music. When they first started making electronic music together, they found that their approaches fit together effortlessly.

Their aesthetic shows the influence of their broad range of musical experience, so there is no area or genre of music that they avoid. The use of recordings of the human voice in both speech and song is a frequent element, as is the use of loops both obvious and disguised by processing, as well as a wide variety of other sounds from the realistic to the outlandish. They both use Max/MSP to run ppooll, an open-source environment, as well as their own creations; Ableton Live and other programs. While these programs give them great flexibility in how they can alter and shape their sounds, they also allow opportunities for the happy accident as well.

They have found that free improvisation works well as a format for their music, allowing them the freedom to explore widely divergent areas of sound while letting their innate musicality shape and structure the piece. Their pieces often are shaped by various restrictions and disciplines, and are informed by their extensive history in instrumental performance, composition and improvisation.  More...

Thursday, February 13 2020 8:00 PM
8:15 pm Voi! Maa!
Mika Pontecorvo - guitar, flute, electronics, voice, Kersti Abrams - alto saxophone, flutes, percussion
Elijah Pontecorvo - bass, Mark Pino - drums/percussion
9:00 pm Feral Luggage Scandinavian Underground Railway

Mika was born in San Francisco California in 1955. While living just outside of a small desert town in Nevada, he began his sound explorations: first playing with his grandfather's shortwave radios and, then, later on, in his early teens, playing a number of home made string and wind instruments, a sitar, and experimenting with prepared electric guitar using gum-wrappers and played with a violin bow and an electric razor.

From these early experiments Mika's improvisational/compositional reach was extended in the early to mid-1970s employing a modular synthesizer and tape loop echo machines in live electronic treatment of acoustic instruments (soprano saxophone, flute, voice, prepared fender-rhodes piano, and acoustic guitar primarily.)

He studied composition in university under Professor Vladimir Ussachevsky, and helped teach a graduate level electronic music composition seminar series and under-graduate computer music courses, while completing a Computer Science Degree. During this time Mika developed a probabilistic simulation of piano improvisation as the basis of an algorithmic composition system.

His current musical/sonic efforts center on emergent structures of improvisation from interactions between an ensemble of musicians and generative sound architectures and systems he constructs in MAX/MSP, PD (PureData) and other hardware/software elements .

In his bands Cartoon Justice, Bridge of Crows, v'Maa (Voi! Maa!), Feral Luggage, the Lingua Incognita Sessions and in other collaborative projects Mika melds free improv with structured song and experimental noise processes, and extra musical elements (including his own generative video sculptures.)  More...

Thursday, February 27 2020 8:00 PM
8:15 pm Atchley/Heglin duo CD release performance
Kattt Atchley, Ron Heglin - voice
9:00 pm K. Atchley - solo electronics
9:30 pm K. Atchley, Kattt Atchley and Ron Heglin trio
$8-15 sliding

This evening’s event is a celebration of Kattt Atchley and Ron Heglin’s debut CD “DUO”. The disc, recorded, edited and mixed by Philip Perkins, was released in November 2019.

Over the last 20 years, Kattt and Ron have developed their signature sound of vocal improvisation. They have created a sound which focuses on experimentation and the creation of imagined places through the use of invented language, melodies, multiple tunings, drones, and amplification.

Kattt Atchley is an experimental vocalist, composer/improviser, and visual artist. She creates sound with voice, often combined with amplification, feedback, pure electronic waves to create a unified sound. She enjoys playing solo or with others in acoustic and electro-acoustic environments. She is a member of the Vasundhara Choir, Hindustani vocal music, under the direction of her teacher, vocalist/composer, Rita Sahai. Kattt is a longstanding member of the Bay Area new music community and is inspired by its lineage. She has performed at various venues in the Bay Area and beyond.

Ron Heglin is a Vocalist and Trombonist exploring the broad sound palette of the human voice as expressed in many languages and musical traditions. This has led to the evolution of an imaginal or fictional language which is presented spoken and/or sung in performance either solo or in ensemble. Mr. Heglin has been a student of North Indian Vocal Music and credits this study with providing a musical grounding to his present work. As a Trombonist and as a Vocalist he has a long history of performance both locally and internationally as a part of the improvisation and new music community.

Kenneth Atchley joins Kattt and Ron in celebration of their CD. He will present solo works for digital and modular electronics, duet with Kattt, and trio with Kattt and Ron.

Kenneth Atchley works in the medium of abstract electronic sound to create tone poems, drones, generative ambient works. He resides in the East Bay. His performances and works have been featured in US and international venues including STEIM (Amsterdam), Skolska28 (Prague), N.K. (Berlin), The Kitchen (NYC), T-U-B-E (Munich), CEAIT/Red Cat (Los Angeles), Gallery of Fine Arts (Ostrava), Bang On A Can (NYC), The Loft (Cologne), Stork Club (Oakland), SFTAPE 2020 (SF). Online releases of his sound-works include: "Vexing Shadows" (CDBaby, Spotify, Amazon), a variety of works on Soundcloud. CD releases include: "Fountains" (Auscultare Research), duet with John Bischoff "Sealed Cantus" (Bischoff's 23Five CD "Aperture”), and various compilations.  More...

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