Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

The Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom St
San Francisco CA 94110  

The Red Poppy Art House is a working artists’ studio, gallery, classroom, and performance space. We are dedicated to providing an accessible and intimate experience of the arts, and are convinced that the joy and power of the arts lie in the creative process much more than in the creative product. We are committed to bringing that process to public light. The Art House hosts interdisciplinary arts events, collaborative exhibitions, workshops, small concerts, and private parties.

When it comes to an intimate experience of the arts, the Red Poppy Art House is one of the most unique venues in San Francisco. This little place, (approx. 650 sq. ft.) on the corner of Folsom Street and 23rd Street, has become a thriving center for interdisciplinary activity. It is often likened to small cafés found on the backstreets of European and South American cities. During the week, the Art House is an artists’ work studio with paintings in progress and tarps and materials spread out around the room. By weekend, it is transformed into a colorful, candlelit concert hall, hosting an array of top-caliber artists/performers—both locally and from around the world. Even the bathroom has more than 15 original paintings and a printing press!

Upcoming Events:
Sunday, May 27 2018 7:30 PM
Grammy-nominated jazz pianist and composer Pascal Le Boeuf presents a collection of new and classic original works with an “advanced-propulsion rhythm team” (New York Times) comprised of Bay Area heroes Giulio Xavier Cetto on bass and Malachi Whitson on drums.

Pascal Le Boeuf – piano
Giulio Xavier Cetto – bass
Malachi Whitson – drums

Described as “sleek, new” and “hyper-fluent” by the New York Times, Pascal Le Boeuf is a Grammy-nominated composer, pianist, and producer whose works range from modern improvised music to cross-breeding classical with production-based technology. He is widely recognized for his polyrhythmic approach to chamber music and hybridization of disparate idioms.  More...