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The Center for New Music San Francisco, Inc. is a community center for participants of new music in San Francisco. The Center serves the practitioners of creative, non-commercial music by providing the resources they need, including space to work, rehearse, and perform, access to a like-minded community, and access to media resources. Through these services, the Center seeks to support and build the community of new music to encourage its efficiency, growth, integration, and excellence.

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, July 21 2018 7:30 PM
HUSH Series — Hans Otte’s Book of Sounds

Get lost in Hans Otte’s 12-movement masterwork for solo piano, The Book of Sounds (1979-1982), performed by pianist D. Riley Nicholson. This underperformed piano cycle uses rare architectures and structures to weave minimal, subtle, haunting sounds in and through the piano. It sends the resonance, timbre, sustain, and beauty of the piano in unlikely directions.

The cycle reframes the composer, the performer, and the listener simply and profoundly. Hans Otte explains it this way in the introduction to his score:

“This ‘Book of Sounds’ rediscovers the listener as a partner of sound and silence, who in the quest for his world, wishes for once to be totally at one with sound.

This ‘Book of Sounds’ rediscovers the piano as an instrument of timbre and tuneful sound with all its possibilities of dynamics, color and resonance.

This ‘Book of Sounds’ rediscovers playing as the possibility of experiencing oneself in sound, of becoming at one in time and space with all the sounds around one.”

As John Cage said of the work, it “lets sounds be sounds.” So join us for a powerfully contemplative yet relaxed evening of music. Casual seating and drinks will be on hand to help you through the journey.


Riley is a composer, pianist, and percussionist. His style is rich in metaphor, and is modern yet accessible. Shimmer, his work for piano & electronics, premiered in SF to sold out crowds and completed a national tour this spring. —  More...

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Rova Saxophone Quartet is now in residence at Center for New Music. The Center, located at 55 Taylor Street, is establishing a hub for the new music community, providing space to work, learn, rehearse and perform.