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The Center for New Music San Francisco, Inc. is a community center for participants of new music in San Francisco. The Center serves the practitioners of creative, non-commercial music by providing the resources they need, including space to work, rehearse, and perform, access to a like-minded community, and access to media resources. Through these services, the Center seeks to support and build the community of new music to encourage its efficiency, growth, integration, and excellence.

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, June 10 2023 7:30 PM
Brent Miller performs as HARJOalone. Solo electric guitar that explores volume, density, and timbre as meditation.

As I have gotten older I have realized two things about ritual in my life:

1. My creative process is heavily dependent on ritual. I make my coffee. I sit and read my journaled thoughts from the previous day. I sit quietly and imagine all the music that I have written so far. And then I enter my creative headspace. At the end of the creative session, I write down my thoughts. Rinse. Repeat.

2. Ritual and ceremony are essential markers of the major events and milestones in our lives. We need these rituals to feel the psychological weight of the moment, and we need these ceremonies to feel the connection to our communities. This work is my meditation on ritual and ceremony and the things I need to create.

Meditation: Ritual Offering (2023)
1. Breath 1
2. Call to Ceremony
3. Visualization 1
4. Breath 2
5.. Visualization 2
6. Affirmation
7. Breath 3
8. Gratitude
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Sunday, June 11 2023 4:00 PM
Pianist: Daniel Colalillo
"New Sounds?" - A contemporary recital with music written within the last 45 years.

John Corigliano - Prelude (2021)
Stephanie Ann Boyd - Prelude: Gotham Requiem (2021)
John Adams - China Gates (1977)
Lowell Liebermann Nocturne No. 1 Op. 20 (1986)
Joan Tower - Holding a Daisy (1996)
George Walker - Sonata No. 5 (2006)
James G Lindsay - Autumn Pulse (2021)
Haralabos Stafylakis - Prelude on the Valence of Memory (2020)
Erkki Sven Tüür - Piano Sonata (1985)

Daniel Colalillo is a highly regarded classical pianist based in New York City. He is renowned for delivering powerful and distinctive performances with a high level of musical integrity. He has received critical acclaim from ""The New York Times"" and has established himself as a sought-after soloist. He has given solo recitals at prominent venues such as Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall, Bargemusic, Symphony Space, Columbia University, Princeton University, and has performed in several cities including: Philadelphia, Nashville, Toronto, Montreal, and more. Daniel is the founder and Artistic Director of ""Classical Keys,"" a concert series held in NJ and NYC where he actively performs chamber music. As a dedicated educator, he operates his own private studio and was awarded ""Top Piano Teacher"" by Steinway & Sons in 2022. He is a Musician Owner and serves on the Council of ""Groupmuse,"" a series of chamber music house concerts in the US and abroad. Daniel graduated with a Master of Music from Mannes College: The New School for Music and began playing piano at the late age of 15. @daniel.colalillo
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Saturday, June 24 2023 7:30 PM
Five by Five presents five new compositions for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano and Voice by Bay Area Composers. John Beeman’s “Sprites” is inspired by an unusual weather phenomenon: sprites are immense flashes of red or blue lights that appear above thunderstorms; in Steve Mobia’s “Fissures” the title refers to sudden breaks in the thematic structures: “imagine a road with a smooth surface but occasional cracks that interrupt the forward momentum”; Allan Crossman presents two selections from his ballet ""The Sleepless Beauty"" (note the sleepless!); Alden Jenks presents a poem cycle, based on the poetry by Akiko Yosano, describing the arc of a woman’s experience from her earliest romantic impulses, through her passionate affair, its end, and her loneliness at the end.; Davide Verotta presents “Five Movements for Small Ensemble”, a moody piece that goes through different emotional landscapes and finds its true calling in the final driving movement. Played by Stephen Zielinski (clarinet), Jessie Nucho (flute), Maki Ishii Sowash (violin), Vicky Ehrlich (cello), Keisuke Nakagoshi (piano), and Shauna Fallihee (Soprano). Steed Cowart conducting.
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