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The ROOM Series (at Royce Gallery)
2901 Mariposa St
between Harrison & Alabama
San Francisco CA 94110  
415 861 3277

The ROOM Series is an avant chamber music series presented by Pamela Z Arts at Royce Gallery, an intimate performance gallery in San Francisco's North East Mission Industrial Zone (NEMIZ). Composer/performer Pamela Z hosts evenings featuring a variety of virtuosic, solo artists and chamber groups playing experimental music.

The series often features instrumentation-themed evenings that strive to subvert the concept by combining artists with wildly varying approaches, aesthetics, and techniques on the instrument in question. A typical ROOM Series concert features 2-4 experimental artists giving solo performances, interspersed with some duos with others on the program and finishing with an improvised (or scored) tutti finale.

Photo Albums (click to view photos):
ROOM: La Barbara + Z (Excerpts from solo and duo works performed by Joan La Barbara and Pamela Z) On March 13, 2014, composer/performers Pamela Z and Joan La Barbara gave a full evening concert of composed and improvised solos and duets for voice (and voice with electronics) on the ROOM Series in San Francisco.
00:00 :ROOM: Voice Cage, August 31, 2012, an evening of voice artists – commemorating the centennial of John Cage’s birth with Dohee Lee, Amy X Neuburg, Theresa Wong, Luciano Chessa, Aurora Josephson, Julie Queen, Pamela Z, Jake Rodriguez (AKA the bran p.o.s.). 02:00 : ROOM: Six Reeds and 18 feet of Tubing, July 5, 2013, an evening of double-reed players including a bassoonist performing from Oberlin via Skype, with Dana Jessen, Sara Schoenbeck, Kyle Bruckmann, Pamela Z 02:20 : ROOM: A Psaltery and Batterie, August 9, 2013, an evening of percussion and hammered “psaltery”, with Karen Stackpole, Dan Joseph, Joel Davel 02:43 : ROOM: MOUTH! August 22, 2008, an evening of eight experimental voice artists with Dina Emerson, Michael Peppe, Aurora Josephson, Dina Emerson, Julie Queen, Pamela Z, Amy X Neuburg, Randall Wong 04:08 : ROOM: Labrosones, 8/23/13, an evening new music for brass combined with a little voice and electronics with Tom Dambly, Richard Marriott, Krys Bobrowski, Pamela