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Canessa Gallery
708 Montgomery St
San Francisco CA   

For more than 45 years, Canessa Gallery has been at the center of San Francisco's rich artistic, literary, and cultural history. Our mission is to support and showcase the work of artists who 
want to be artists for their lifetime. To date, more than 600 new, emerging, and established sculptors, painters, photographers, and performance and literary artists have presented their work at Canessa Gallery. Artists who have shown at Canessa Gallery include, Trudy Myrrh Reagan, Mokhtar Paki, JohnMattos and Chico MacMurtrie .

We are located in the landmark Canessa Building -- a diminutive old-brick gem that is one of downtown San Francisco's last links with her colorful, bohemian past. While many of the original buildings in the area did not survive the era of high-and-higher architecture, the historic Canessa Building has -- and continues to glow with the light, life, and magic of artists at work.

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, September 26 2018 8:00 PM
Ghost in the House play a tribute to Kinji Hayashi

Ghost in the House

Karen Stackpole - gongs, percussion
John Ingle - alto, baritone saxophone
Tom Nunn - inventions
David Michalak - lap steel
Polly Moller Springhorn - bass flute

plus guests
Bruce Ackley - soprano, tenor saxophone
Christina Braun - Butoh dancer

set 1 - Christina Braun "Dance of Darkness" with Ghost in the House
set 2 - duo - Bruce Ackley/John Ingle
- Ghost in the House with projections  More...

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