Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

300 Franklin Street
San Francisco CA 94102  
(415) 503-5299

The San Francisco Symphony’s new experimental performance venue and late-night live music series.

An experimental performance space, SoundBox is whatever its curator—and fans—want it to be.

In the small entry room, you move past a curtain, through an unknown door. There’s a teasing view—some kind of installation fills a sunken space. It's like you scored a backstage pass. Time to explore.

Turn the corner, find the bar: there’s craft cocktails and small bites. Video projections flash on the walls. All eyes go to the stage, ready for the show to start.

And then the music. Live music—it’s just so good. Pounding beats, otherworldly chants come from all corners of the space. Close your eyes: it sounds like you're in a cathedral, and then an underground club. Unique and stimulating and totally different.

A new place for people who love music.

SoundBox welcomes culturally-adventurous listeners to evenings of eclectic musical exploration and discovery, all in a nightclub-like setting. Listeners will be invited to experience live music in an intimate and casual environment while enjoying hand-crafted cocktails and gourmet snacks from the in-house bar, with a cover charge of $25.

"SoundBox is a new and experimental space for all kinds of music," Michael Tilson Thomas explains. "Part of the experience of being in this space will be to hear music of many different eras, from the earliest music, Gregorian chants, going back to the ninth century, to the newest music, which is being written as we speak! To have a space in which the audience and musicians can explore this huge swath of time together is something I’ve always dreamed of, and now we have it."