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Our mission is to apply art and technology to create positive social impact through education, civic engagement, and public programs.

We use digital tools to create art and design projects that benefit society. We test and scale projects with high impact potential, teach digital tools to support artists and technologists, and inspire our community by promoting meaningful new work.

We apply the promise and inspiration of digital art to a broader social context. Our programs are transforming cities into creative outlets, applying technology to solve problems, and shaping how art is created and consumed in the digital era.

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, August 5 2021 7:00 PM
Experience Lu Yang’s frenetic expansive motion-capture VR performance, as saturated with manga and anime influences as it is with religion, neurology, and the human body. Wang Meng’s computer generated landscapes conjure traditional Chinese 国画 (guóhuà) paintings, and Shigetoshi Furutani’s collages use found internet imagery to create new mediascapes. Together, these works imagine the possibility of human existence beyond current constructs of gender, environment, and aesthetics.

This genre-bending approach is also reflected in the audio works, crafting in parallel an audio-sensory realm. Chinese techno producer Shao’s ambient work, which ranges from looming to ecstatic, permeates the space with a hypnotic pulsing atmosphere. Yu Miao layers effects pedals over a custom-tuned 古镇(gǔzhēng) to create a new soundscape from the traditional instrument. Works will be presented in two large-scale cinema environments, and include the premiere of new works for the historic RML CineChamber, a 360° panoramic spatial sound cinema environment, originally conceived in the 90’s in San Francisco’s Recombinant Media Labs. Co-produced by Gray Area, STRRR TV and Minds over Matter.

Featuring works by
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Thursday, September 9 2021 8:00 PM
Resonant Frequencies, Resident Electronic Monthly, and Piqued present this showcase of a sampling of San Francisco's own thriving live experimental electronic scene. The music is eclectic, including techno, dark ambient, glitch, noise, and sonic journeys. Music to be listened to, explored, felt, and transported by. Video artists create live visuals in collaboration with the music.

Three monthly SF events, Resonant Frequencies, Resident Electronic Monthly and Piqued, have been fostering this new scene with open mic and lightly curated events. The organizers have come together and are excited to bring you this evening of artists from the scene.

Six musicians and two visualists will perform an evening of diverse sets. Following the tradition of musical exploration in the San Francisco Bay Area, each performs on a custom configuration of modular synthesizers, digital hybrids, DIY electronics, and control systems to create a new musical & visual experience. Be ready for deep listening, curious rhythms, new timbres, and quadraphonic spaces all matched with vibrant, ever-changing visuals.

*Audio Performers
- Malarki
- musicalfungus
- Alphastare
- Franck Martin

*Video performers
- DirtyBill
- Fetz

Tickets and more info

*Presented by
- Resonant Frequencies

Started in 2018, Resonant Frequencies is a monthly open mic night specifically for Experimental Electronic Musicians and Composers, accompanied by live Visual Synthesis with a focus on real time generation and performance. ResFreq is held live at Soundwave Studios in Oakland. During the pandemic, the show went on, produced in the cloud, with all artists streaming from their homes, and streamed live. Starting with our show in August, 2021 - we are back at Soundwave Studios, live and in person! Resonant Frequencies exists to promote community - what better way to do that than getting together, creating sights and sounds while sharing ideas and making connections? Collaborations are encouraged and we welcome all genres of music and visuals: West Coast School, Noise, Ambient, Illbient, Beats, Glitch, Musique Concrète, Drone or your own unique style.

- Resident Electronic Monthly

Resident is a monthly electronic audiovisual open mic event started in 2017. It is held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at The Laundry. Resident is casual and cool, and the community you'll find is like no other for aspiring electronic musicians in the Bay. No judgments, no bullshit, just positive support and openness to new ideas.

- Piqued
Rich Hogben and Korey Luna began a meetup for electronic music makers, monthly featuring two artists at a time before a live audience. Part of the electronic music scene in the Bay Area, they showcase unique performances, followed by group interviews and audience participation
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