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Adobe Books

3130 24th St
San Francisco CA 94110  
Established in 2013, the Adobe Books & Arts Cooperative is a Volunteer Worker Owned Cooperative. We're like work club for people interested in projects that have a cultural impact.

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, September 30 2017 8:30 PM
NextNow presents Computer Music : Architectonic Perspectives an evening of new directions in computer music

Sean Hamilton - Percussionist composer, improvisor from Florida, performing in real-time interaction with a software system he constructed. ( )

John Bischoff - Mills Collage Professor Bischoff will perform with laptop and some of his own eletronic circuits.
( )

Mika Pontecorvo & Mark Pino - guitar and percussion duo in live interaction with a laptop-based generative process architecture software developed by Mika. ( )  More...