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Pro Arts
150 Frank H Ogawa Plz
Oakland CA 94612  

Pro Arts is among the oldest and most significant institutions for contemporary art in Oakland. Shortly after its formation in 1974, under the name of Alameda County Neighborhood Arts Program, Pro Arts became an important venue for artistic experimentation and engagement with the arts. Today, Pro Arts continues to support art that pushes boundaries, generates critical discourse and challenges the status quo.

Pro Arts shows contemporary art in all its forms. Through our interdisciplinary approach to curating, which fosters collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas, we champion new art practices and emerging forms of cultural production. We remain rooted in the local art scene, committed to openness, inclusivity and the advancement of universal access to art and culture.

We support contemporary artists directly through exhibitions, commissions, interdisciplinary series and presentations, residency programs, satellite projects, digital platforms and publications. Annually we present over 200 artists, working in diverse artistic fields, conduct over 700 art education programs for youth, and reach an audience of over 10,000.

Pro Arts’ public programs consist of exhibitions, performances, literary and film events, lectures and discussions thus allowing for a diverse array of interested audiences to become acquainted with the latest developments in contemporary art. In 2016, Pro Arts began hosting two new professional development programs: Studio Lab Curatorial and Studio Lab Artist Residency Programs. These new programs provide emerging curators and artists with the opportunity to develop and expand their curatorial and artistic professional practice.

Pro Arts is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. Our operations and programs are made possible with funding, provided by numerous foundations, corporate partners and individual donors, like you. All donations to Pro Arts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our EIN # is 94-2259269.

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, October 13 2018 9:00 PM
Submersion: an immersive, multi-media environment of sound +


Gench and Cilla Vee Life Arts – with Cilla Vee, Thomas Dimuzio, Kit Young, Lori Varga, Aurora Josephson, Derek Gedalecia

Submersion – an immersive, multi-media environment of sound, image and motion

Saturday October 13th – 9pm – 12 midnight

Pro Arts – 150 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, Oakland CA 94612

Sliding scale $7 - $15

Gench and Cilla Vee Life Arts present:

Immersion. Hiding. Beneath the surface. Completely absorbed by / involved in.
Differential Topology. Differentiable Manifolds. Soft Question.

An immersive, multi-media environment of sound, image and motion.
The everyday world melts away as though wandering deep into a forest or ocean.
Everything changes.
Time. Space. Temperature.
The psyche surrenders.
SUBMERSION is a durational performance installation during which the audience is free to come and go throughout.


Cilla Vee Life Arts

CILLA VEE LIFE ARTS is an inter-disciplinary arts organization founded in 2002 in the South Bronx by Claire Elizabeth Barratt (aka Cilla Vee) – now based in Asheville NC.
It serves as an umbrella for multiple projects that focus on collaboration and facilitation. With a mission of blurring boundaries and crossing categories, CVLA draws from a diverse pool of artists with a wide range of artistic backgrounds.
Performances can include anything from dance, movement, music, sound, text, film and video, visual and performance art to installation and beyond.

“When it's summer in the city, people do weird things. Performers especially. ....“Beguiling”
John Rockwell – New York Times

Cilla Vee Life Arts -
Gench -

This Fall Cilla Vee is touring cross country and the west coast in order to connect and collaborate with area artists in each location.

Cilla Vee -
Thomas Dimuzio -
Kit Young -
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