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Peacock Lounge
552 Haight St
San Francisco CA 94117  
(415) 621-9850

Private club in The Haight.

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, June 13 2024 8:00 PM
John Bischoff, Scott Arford, Anne Hege, Julie Herndon
Thurs June 13 8pm-11pm Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight, SF
All-ages, $5-$15 no one turned away for lack of funds.
Please rapid-test day of show, keep each other healthy!

John Bischoff
Every sleeper wave begins as a subtle sizzle at the horizon, far off until the instant it takes your feet. For more than forty years, John Bischoff has been a musical Poseidon. Once swept away you're content never again to make shore. Lauded for his pioneering solo constructions in real-time synthesis and for his development of computer network music, Bischof was a founding member of The League of Automatic Music Composers as well as The Hub. With major retrospective releases on Tzadik and New World Records, he is the subject of Douglas Kahn's "A Musical Technography of John Bischoff" published in MIT's Leonardo Music Journal and is currently Associate Professor of Music at Mills College in Oakland.

Scott Arford
Spartan, stoic, genuinely fearsome, and charged with a political undertow that sweeps away all safe shores, Arford shatters the lucite ant maze of dualism, trusting us to crawl the shards. Translating sound into physical force, he resuscitates our loving nausea pumping fresh black air into lungs churning actual blood. Arford founded the legendary 7hz venue in 1995, his worldwide exhibits of film and sound have reached SFMOMA(USA) Dissonanze 7(Italy) LUFF Festival(Switzerland) Observatori Festival(Spain) Sounding Festivals(China) Liquid Architecture(Australia) and Festival de Video/Arte/Electronico(Peru) and more importantly, the Peacock Lounge (Lower Haight)!

Anne Hege
As her live-looping Tape Machine spins impossible yarn, Anne Hege weaves live voice, electronics, and video compositions from her project New Prosthetics. First constructed in 2009, the Tape Machine is three hacked cassette players––one recording tape head and two playback points running a handmade loop, laying bare the process and technology by which sound approaches ritual, tapping perception, memory and heightened awareness. No hidden processing, just the magic of a single blank tape loop. Born in Oakland, Hege has composed for film, installation art, dance, and concert settings. She is the artistic director of the Peninsula Women's Chorus.

Julie Herndon
Integrating keyboard instruments and live electronics without vanishing their difference, Herndon explores the body's other-worldly relationship to sound. Her compositions and installations have been presented at MATA Festival and National Sawdust in New York, Artistry Space in Singapore, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca in Mexico, Music Biennale Zagreb in Croatia, Sogar Theater in Switzerland, and by Forest Collective in Australia. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Composition at Cal Poly.
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