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Spruce Street Concerts
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Spruce Street Concerts

Series of house concerts featuring the art of spontaneous composition. Concerts take place in the intimacy of a living room in the North Berkeley Hills. Food and wine always provided. Concerts occur roughly once a month, usually on weekends. Seating is limited. Please send an email to obtain the address and reserve your spot:

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, March 7 2020 8:00 PM
Composer, improvisor, sound artist Alvin Curran in duo with percussionist William Winant perform Curran's SHOFAR XXXL for shofar (the ancient Jewish rams-horn), electronics and percussion. Concert takes place in the intimacy of a private home in the Berkeley Hills. Wine and cheese will be provided. Seating is limited.

From Alvin Curran's program notes: "This work has always begged for a definitive version – what I play here tonight SHOFAR XXL is close but as you see this piece was never thought to be a stand-alone reproducible composition but a lifelong project of continuing invention…"  More...