Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

120710 Art Gallery
1207 10th St
Berkeley CA   

With IRL resources for artists taking a hit due to gentrification in major metropolitan cities, the Bay Area being a prime example, 120710 presents an opportunity for innovative social connections. We are a forum for artists, curators, galleries, and non-profits to embrace their most explorative and creative ambitions.

Though we enjoy the intersections of traditional art & technology, 120710 is home to artists of all walks and mediums. The idea that threads our community together is simply the desire to generate creative insights & new opportunities! We want to take underrepresented creative practices and provide platforms for them to realize their potential while providing interesting discourse for our community.

We don’t extract value like old-school art brokers or institutions; we give! We are a non-commercial space that directs all proceeds from any sales directly to the artist. Come visit our space, attend events, and join our collective!