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Upcoming Events:
Saturday, March 23 2019 9:00 PM
Mar 23, 2019
8:30pm doors / 9pm show
$15 general admission / $10 members
Reserve seats: member login or guest registration

This marks Japanese three-piece band Kukangendai's first appearance in U.S. In spring of 2019, the band's new album will be released from Ideologic Organ curated by Stephen O'Malley from SUNN O))).

Kukangendai was founded in 2006 with Junya Noguchi on guitar and vocals, Keisuke Koyano on bass guitar, and Hideaki Yamada on drums. Performing as a three-piece, its tracks are made through a process of editing and replicating deliberate error.

This music creates a sense of distortion and places a burden on the performers, leading to their characteristically stoic and humorous live shows. In recent years, the band has attempted to construct and implement a form of live concert in which they go back and forth between playing multiple simultaneous songs in parallel, but the flow of time as a whole manifests as a single unified rhythm.

In 2016, Kukangendai opened a venue-cum-studio "Soto" in Kyoto. In November 2018, they released a LP "ZURERU" in collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto.  More...

Saturday, March 30 2019 10:30 PM
Russell Haswell + Pita

$20 general admission / $12 members
10pm Doors / 10:30pm Sound
Reserve seats: member login or guest registration

Russell Haswell is a restlessly forward-thinking, genre-defying artist, performer and curator born in Coventry and currently based in London, England. With a background steeped in conceptual art, computer music, black metal, noise, techno, laser-graphics, free-stye and solo improvisation, his practice is renowned for broaching the extremities of visual and sonic arts.

Pita is the pseudonym of Editions Mego founder Peter Rehberg. Born in London Rehberg has resided in Vienna for term his adult life. It was here in the early 90’s that Rehberg harnessed aspects of noise, industrial, electro-acoustic and techno to develop a new approach to music. Whether constructing an album entirely from the recordings of a fridge or harnessing the live electronic potential of laptops soon after they hit the market Pita has always been at the forefront of contemporary radical music practice often paving the way for many to follow. Birthing the extreme computer music genre, scoring the works of controversial French theatre director Gisele Vienne, ongoing collaborations with Jim O’Rourke, Fennesz, Marcus Schmickler and Stephen O’Malley all define Rehberg’s open ended approach to the creative act. As head of the influential Editions Mego family of labels, he has released albums by renowned artists like Fennesz, Heather Leigh, Klara Lewis, Kevin Drumm, Thomas Brinkmann, Florian Hecker, Bernard Parmegiani, Russell Haswell, KTL, Iannis Xenakis, Oren Ambarchi, Bill Orcutt, Mark Fell and many more. “One of the most perceptive and mercurial sound artists at work today.” – Nick Cain, The Wire.  More...

Saturday, April 6 2019 9:00 PM
Universal Eyes (Wolf Eyes with Gretchen Gonzales & Aaron Dilloway) and Red Culebra (Guillermo Galindo & Cristóbal Martínez)
Apr 6, 2019
$15 general admission / $10 members
Doors 8pm / Show 9pm
Reserve seats: member login or guest registration

UNIVERSAL EYES is the culmination of UNIVERSAL INDIANS and WOLF EYES. UNIVERSAL INDIANS started in Lansing Michigan in the early shadows of the 90’s, with Gretchen Gonzales (now Gonzales Davidson), Bryan Ramirez, & Johnny “Inzane” Olson. After moving to the Detroit area in the late 90’s, Rammer was replaced by Aaron Dilloway, who along with Nathan Young were already in the throes of primitive electronic global domination that is WOLF EYES. Around the dawn of the 2000’s, Gretchen went full time with the moody & cold stylings of SLUMBER PARTY and after a wild Bowling Green Ohio gig, Olson joined WOLF EYES full time. After some drama that would make even Fleetwood Mac disappear into the shadows of suburbia and toss their EQ into a lonely fire, UNIVERSAL INDIANS appeared to have fate / faded into the packed history book pages of Michigan musical lore. As age and time seem to dust over wounds while magically healing them, the quartet met again in the northern suburbs of Detroit on a brisk spring Sunday in 2018. They hauled modern and ancient instruments into a home studio and just like that: the dream / nightmare had hot blood pumping thru its’ duct-taped sound body once again, as if the missing years were nothing but a minute hurdle. The kings and queen of noise were reunited.

RED CULEBRA is a Moog duet and collaboration of Bay Area electronic musicians and performance artists led by gal*in_dog aka Guillermo Galindo and Cristóbal Martínez. Accelerations across all vectors of society, warfare, and capitalism evoke a byproduct ritual of sexual and sonic violence that lays unresponsive to new age fetishes, magical realism, and the parochial moralities of American politics. Inspired by their complicated Post-Mexican backgrounds, Galindo and Martínez create and perform rituals based on cycles of repetition and uniformity. The sonic, graphic, and repetitive nature of their work requires both endurance and determination from their audiences, while denying participating publics the opportunity to fetishize ceremony. Red Culebra’s performance art includes sound invocations, moving images, and movement by performers. This ceremony is monotony sustained by pragmatism and our baser instincts, a public gathering for acknowledging human ferocity — a self-implicating metaphor for our enduring and determined appetite.  More...

Friday, April 19 2019 7:30 PM
Darius James and Val Jeanty
Apr 19, 2019
7:00 pm doors / 7:30pm show
Free admission
Presented in collaboration with The Poetry Center and supported by the Walter & Elise Haas Fund

Darius James (author of Negrophobia: An Urban Parable and That’s Blaxploitation!; writer and on-screen narrator in documentary film The United States of Hoodoo) joins with Haitian electronic music composer/percussionist/turntablist Val Jeanty (aka Val-Inc) for the West Coast premier of their collaborative performance project.

“Our work is Spiritual so it will take on a form and name as we progress.” Val Jeanty

“Val and I agreed early on it was much more important to develop the work before we gave a name to our project. Though we have been working on this for a few years, only recently have we begun defining what it is. The only thing we knew, it was spoken-word married to ritual drumming and it was based in an authentic expression of Voodoo. Voodoo is very simple. It is spirit and the interaction with spirits. Voodoo has a bad rep because 1) the French are embarrassed they lost the jewel of their colonial empire to ‘ignorant savages’ (see: Hayti: Or, the Black Republic); 2) An alcoholic journalist in the late ’20s kickstarting present-day disinformation (see: The Magic Island by Wm. Seabrook). The truth is its spiritual reality and beauty is no different from Hinduism or Tibetan Buddhism (it just might take a dead chicken or two to get there). What Val and I have observed is that the loa are readapting and changing (the old cycle of death and rebirth of the gods). We reflect that change.” Darius James  More...