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The California Jazz Conservatory aspires to be an internationally recognized preeminent music conservatory dedicated to the study and performance of jazz and related styles of music from throughout the world. The institution educates future genera­tions to sustain the jazz art form.


The California Jazz Conservatory is a music conservatory provid­ing a dynamic community of students, artists, educators, scholars and audiences with a forum to study, perform, teach, research, appreciate and enjoy jazz and related styles of music from throughout the world. Comprising two distinct education programs, the California Jazz Conservatory, a postsecondary degree-granting program, and the Jazzschool Community Music School, a non-degree-granting community education program, the institution honors the contributions of past masters and promotes artistic innovation, bring­ing together a diverse music community to de­velop practical skills, acquire artistic sensibility, realize creative potential and find artistic voice.

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, February 6 2019 7:30 PM
Dahveed Behroozi is a pianist and composer, whose interests encompass jazz, classical, as well as new music. His playing has been described as highly expressive, lyrical and colorful by numerous publications nationwide. Active as a leader and a sideman in the Bay Area, Behroozi also enjoys a national and international career. His first record, Games, was released in 2012.

The career of Ben Goldberg has been shaped by a relentless pursuit of musical truth across many genres and styles, leading John Zorn to call him “one of the greatest clarinetists I’ve ever heard.” Also a composer, Goldberg has been associated with many projects, including New Klezmer Trio, Unfold Ordinary Mind, Go Home, the Tin Hat Trio, Clarinet Thing, and the Ben Goldberg School.

While at Berklee College of Music, Hamir Atwal immersed himself in jazz and improvisation and quickly found ways to adapt his drumming to different genres. Critics describe his style as fresh and conscientious, and he is known for his touch and sensitivity to any music he plays. Atwal’s ensembles include Invisible Guy Trio and Tune-Yards.

Vocalist Kelsey Wu will join the trio as Jazz in the Neighborhood’s Emerging Artist.  More...

Tuesday, February 26 2019 7:30 PM
Way Out West Concert Series - Ian Carey Quintet+1 Plays "Fire In My Head" & More

Ian Carey Quintet+1 Plays "Fire In My Head" & More

Ian Carey ("a trumpeter and composer who asks deep musical questions and finds compelling answers" Bill Kirchner, editor, The Oxford Companion to Jazz) and his Quintet+1 have been performing original music throughout the Bay Area for over a decade. The group will be performing music from Carey's new composition "Fire In My Head (The Anxiety Suite)" (commissioned by Chamber Music America) as well as music from their acclaimed albums "Interview Music" and "Roads & Codes" ("4-1/2 stars" Downbeat).

Ian Carey, trumpet; Kasey Knudsen, alto saxophone; Sheldon Brown, bass clarinet; Adam Shulman, piano; Fred Randolph, bass; Jon Arkin, drums  More...