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The California Jazz Conservatory aspires to be an internationally recognized preeminent music conservatory dedicated to the study and performance of jazz and related styles of music from throughout the world. The institution educates future genera­tions to sustain the jazz art form.


The California Jazz Conservatory is a music conservatory provid­ing a dynamic community of students, artists, educators, scholars and audiences with a forum to study, perform, teach, research, appreciate and enjoy jazz and related styles of music from throughout the world. Comprising two distinct education programs, the California Jazz Conservatory, a postsecondary degree-granting program, and the Jazzschool Community Music School, a non-degree-granting community education program, the institution honors the contributions of past masters and promotes artistic innovation, bring­ing together a diverse music community to de­velop practical skills, acquire artistic sensibility, realize creative potential and find artistic voice.

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, June 6 2018 7:30 PM
After nearly a decade of playing together in a variety of contexts, saxophonist Kasey Knudsen, bassist Miles Wick and drummer Jon Arkin unite as a trio for the first time to delve into the limitless possibilities of this pared down configuration. The group will explore a diverse array of original compositions, freely improvised vignettes, and a few choice standards to create a sound that is identifiable, at times abstract, but always immediately accessible. 

Kasey Knudsen, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, has been a vital part of the Bay Area music community since 2002. In addition to leading a number of her own ensembles, she has performed and recorded with a wide range of artists, including Ben Goldberg, Tune Yards and Charlie Hunter. Active as an educator, she is currently a faculty member of Sonoma State University, the Stanford Jazz Workshop, the Lafayette Jazz Workshop and the California Jazz Conservatory. 

A graduate of the University of Miami, Jon Arkin is an in-demand freelance drummer with many notable local, national and international artists. His drumming style has been sought out as much for his versatility as for his uniqueness.  A believer in the power of listening, grooving, dynamic balance, and attunement, his collaborators attest to his ability to suit the music of the moment.

Miles Wick is a creative musician and teacher with ties to the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.  By trade a jazz bassist, Miles contributes to a number of different musical projects in a variety of styles from folk to rock to improvised.  He can also be found singing his own songs, which have been performed on both coasts and internationally. Wick holds a B.A. in music from Sonoma State University.

Joining the trio will be emerging artists Gio Mendez and Ari Silberman. Both are saxophone students of Knudsen’s at Sonoma State University. 

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