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Tue, Apr 12 2016 7:30 PM

Tom's Place
3111 Deakin Street Berkeley
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On Tuesday, April 12 at 7:30pm, Tom's Place presents

Darren Johnston/Dave Rempis/Larry Ochs horn trio
John Shiurba/Myles Boisen Turkeytone guitar duo

This spring the trio of Dave Rempis (sax, from Chicago), Darren Johnston (trumpet) and Larry Ochs (sax) is touring the west coast, with the East Bay stop of their tour at Tom's Place.

From their press kit:
The three thrive in their association here. They listen closely to one another and respond with extraordinarily creative utterances. This is music that can go from volcanic explosions of energy to more subdued melodic interplay. The timbres evoked show the great control the artists have gained over the sound possibilities of their respective instruments and the note choices open up the musical universe to subtle or exhilarating melodic variations, sometimes one following close upon the other.

John Shiurba and Myles Boisen have been playing together, notably in their guitar duo Uncle, for twenty years or so. They're always a treat to hear but haven't been playing in public much recently.

We're fortunate to have them tonight playing their seldom-seen Turkeytone guitars (link below.) Can we call them Uncle Turkey?

Cadence Magazine calls John Shiurba a "wildly creative guitarist... anti-jazz, anti everything else, yet utterly compelling." His approach to the guitar is unbounded. His massive conventional chops are not often on display, being sublimated to his ecletic extended attack on the instrument using any implement that comes to hand, including a few you might expect to find in the kitchen sink.

Myles Boisen is a pillar of the Bay Area cultural scene -- guitarist, producer, recording and mastering engineer, photographer and iconic character. Like Shiurba, he is a master of the kitchen-sink attack on his guitar, but he can surprise us with with subtle and masterful blues, rock and country playing.

This show will start on time at 7:30 -- if you're a few minutes late you may miss the first set.


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