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Myles Boisen
Guitarist, composer, band leader
Myles Boisen is a recording and mastering engineer, album producer, film and television composer, journalist, and guitarist/bassist. His resume includes hundreds of studio and live recordings for independant groups and labels, as well as for MTV/Comedy Central, CBS, Warner Bros., Polydor, PBS, et. al. Myles was the engineer on "The Gorey End" CD by The Tigerlillies and Kronos Quartet (EMI Classics), nominated for a Grammy award in 2004. His production and restoration work on Clarence Sims' "Born To Sing The Blues" CD (Mt. Top Records) garnered two awards from Real Blues Magazine in 1999: "Best West Coast blues reissue" and "Best studio sound technique".

In addition to musical performances with Tom Waits, John Zorn, the Rova Saxophone Quartet, Fred Frith, Eugene Chadbourne, Splatter Trio, and The Club Foot Orchestra, Myles has contributed to a number of independant film soundtracks, plus director David Lynch's films "Twin Peaks" and "Wild At Heart".

Throughout the 1990s Myles was a composer and bassist in The Club Foot Orchestra, which is generally acknowledged as the first national touring ensemble to revive the art of original music performance with classic silent films and cartoons. During this period the CFO collective appeared at Lincoln Center (New York City) and Disney World (Orlando, Fl.) performing their scores for such vintage classics as Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Pandora's Box, and Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr.

The original CFO soundtrack recording for Sherlock Jr., produced by Boisen, was selected by Kino Video to accompany their commercial video re-release of this silent comedy gem. Myles was also a key member of the CFO team hired by the Film Roman studio (The Simpsons, Garfield, et. al.) to score and record a season's worth of music for their Saturday morning cartoon revival of Felix The Cat.

As a composer Myles has scored original work for the award-winning Onsite Dance Co. (San Francisco/ New York,) Rova Saxophone Quartet, and numerous Bay Area new music ensembles. He is currently the musical director of Orchestra Nostalgico, a CFO spinoff dedicated to the live performance of film music (Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, John Barry.) Boisen pursues his musical interests in Oakland, Ca., where he is chief engineer at Guerrilla Recording, a full-service recording studio.
Upcoming Events:

Monday, September 24 2018 9:30 PM
Studio Grand [3234 Grand Ave, Oakland]
Oakland Freedom Jazz Society: Ari Brown & Thomas Harrison + Myles Boisen Duo  More...
Monday, October 1 2018 8:00 PM
Make-Out Room [3225 22nd St SF]
The Monday Make-Out
The cutting edge of Bay Area jazz and improvised music--

Set #1: David Pate (modern/extended improvisation)
David Pate-saxophone, Steve Cohn-piano

Set #2: Manul Override (jazz/electronics)
Amanda Chaudhary-keyboards, electronics, Serena Toxicat-voice, Melne-guitar, electronics

Set #3: Ornettology (modern jazz, after Ornette Coleman)
John Hanes-drums, Safa Shokrai-acoustic bass, Myles Boisen-guitar, John Finkbeiner-guitar, Steve Adams-alto sax, Phillip Greenlief-tenor sax  More...
CDs on which Myles Boisen appears:
John Schott John Schott's Typical Orchestra
Artist: John Schott
Title: John Schott's Typical Orchestra
Label: Smash The State!
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Smash The State!
Splatter Trio The Splatter Trio
Artist: Splatter Trio
Title: The Splatter Trio
Label: Rastascan Records BRD 003
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Rastascan Records BRD 003
Splatter Trio + 2 Fistful of Dewey
Artist: Splatter Trio + 2
Title: Fistful of Dewey
Label: Racer Records 1003
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Racer Records 1003
Splatter Trio Hi-Fi Junk Note
Artist: Splatter Trio
Title: Hi-Fi Junk Note
Label: Rastascan Records BRD 021
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Rastascan Records BRD 021
Myles Boisen Guitarspeak
Artist: Myles Boisen
Title: Guitarspeak
Label: Rastascan Records BRD 017
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Rastascan Records BRD 017
Myles Boisen/John Shiurba Uncle
Artist: Myles Boisen/John Shiurba
Title: Uncle
Label: Limited Sedition LS005
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Limited Sedition LS005
Artist: Splatter Trio
Label: Limited Sedition LS007
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Limited Sedition LS007
Splatter Trio Anagrams
Artist: Splatter Trio
Title: Anagrams
Label: Rastascan Records BRD 007
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Rastascan Records BRD 007
Uncle Unplugged
Artist: Uncle
Title: Unplugged
Label: Limited Sedition LS017
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Limited Sedition LS017
John Schott Shuffle Play: Elegies for the Recording Angel
Artist: John Schott
Title: Shuffle Play: Elegies for the Recording Angel
Label: New World Records 80548-2
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New World Records 80548-2
Adam Lane’s Full Throttle Orchestra NO[W] MUSIC
Artist: Adam Lane’s Full Throttle Orchestra
Title: NO[W] MUSIC
Label: Cadence Jazz Records 1133
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