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Thu, Sep 8 2016 7:00 PM

Kanbar Forum, Pier 15 Embarcadero at Green St, San Francisco, California 94111
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This festival opener show features a special treat -- Conrad Schnitzler’s Cassette CONcert, performed by New York musician, Gen Ken Montgomery. Cassette CONcerts are boxed sets of cassettes that Schnitzler composed with the intent that others could perform and listen to his CONcerts without his presence. Gen Ken has traveled extensively, conducting this and other octophonic CONcerts by live mixing the cassettes through whatever speaker set-ups he could find.

The electro-­percussion duo of Amma Ateria and Nava Dunkelman, explores distortions of time and the ever-present moment through restraint and release. Their array of metallic nature marches forth with space-expanding densities to brinks of breakage, situated to be caressed by beautification in between. IMA have performed and collaborated with avant-garde pioneers John Zorn, Fred Frith, Ikue Mori and many others. Amma Ateria (a.k.a. Jeanie Aprille Tang) is an audiovisual artist and electro­acoustic composer. Born in Hong Kong, she gravitates to rhythms of construction sites, roaming traffic, inaudible conversations, and airplanes. Her instrument is a collection of electronic hardware and plexiglass. Nava Dunkelman is a percussionist and improviser based in the Bay Area. Born in Tokyo, Nava’s musical interests span the globe from Japanese taiko to Indonesian gamelan, from classical to contemporary to the avant­ grade.

Cost: $15 general/$10 Exploratorium members
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Fred Frith and Nava Dunkelman