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Fri, Aug 26 2016 8:00 PM

The World According to Sound

There’s a lot of talking on the radio. People love to yammer. The World According to Sound is a 90-second radio show with as little talking as possible. Every episode brings you one sound that tells a story. At The Lab we’re bringing all those sounds together to give you an immersive aural experience.

The event is going to last an hour, with the lights off, and the room awash in sound. The show will be neither music nor narrative, but will float somewhere between the two. The World According to Sound wants to reawaken our relationship to life as perceived with our ears. Those dominant sensory organs of ours—the eyes—have no place at this event. Instead, we’ll venture forth Oedipus-like into the world, taking it in through that most immediate and ephemeral of human senses—hearing.

(No one will be blinded in the course of this performance, and we will provide free drinks to ease the transition into the realm of sound.)

At the Lab we’ve set up a surround-sound system so we can move audio around the entire space. We’re going to bring you the sound of auctioneers, high school debaters, washing machine music, mudpots and bridges and ants, silence, voices inside your head, dead languages, Wikipedia’s data, and all sorts of other audio treats from our first fifty episodes. After the show we’re going to hang out and have drinks at a little after party, so feel free to stick around!

August 26th, 7:30pm Doors / 8pm Sound
$15 General / $12 Members / $20 Door
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