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Thu, Oct 6 2016 7:30 PM

660 Lomita Dr. Stanford
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CCRMA Transitions 2016 (Night the 2nd!) - The annual outdoor season openers at CCRMA.

We will present two different programs however, for weather reasons which would delay the setting up and testing of our speaker system, we are moving Transitions inside to the CCRMA stage. You can still bring a picnic! We also have an upgraded 24.8 indoor speaker system!

The concerts will feature music and performances from:

Chris Chafe
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
Anders Tveit
Charles Nichols
Romain Micron (with special guest Jean L'Argent)
Chris Jette
Nolan Lem
Matt Wright (Tribute to David Wessel)
Seth Shafer
Eoin Callery

and more....

Cost: FREE