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Thu, Nov 17 2016 5:00 PM

660 Lomita Dr. Stanford
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Please join us on the CCRMA Stage this Thursday November 17th at 5.00PM as CCRMA is joined telematically by the DAMUS Electroacoustic Ensemble in Buenos Aires for the ultimate in spatial musical performance... a network concert spanning several thousand miles brought to you here by the speed of light!

Music and videos by:

Francisco Kröpf
Guillermo Pozzati
Gustavo García Novo
Pablo M. Freiberg
Joaquín Macedo
Federico Núñez
Pablo M. Freiburg

DAMUS is directed by Guillermo Pozzati, Pablo Martín Freiberg, Evelyn Frosini, and Diego Andrés Moreno

Special Guests:
Mariana Rosas - Soprano
Mariano Llere - Tenor
Andrés Vaccarelli - Guitarra Eléctrica

DAMUS Perfromers:
Juan Marcelo Arias
Melisa Ayub
Valentina Contreras Saavedra
Evelyn Frosini
Santiago Fuentes
Ana Laura Gauna
Mario Francisco Greco
Fernando Kiener Pereyra
Emiliano Llere
Luciano Daniel Maiorana
Diego Andrés Moreno
Matías Niebur
Juan Pablo Olivera
Manuel Roman Perez Vizán
Santiago Pérez
Mariano Rodrigo Piñeiro