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Sat, Oct 8 2016 7:30 PM

The Peter Kuhn Trio feature Pete on Bb, bass clarinets and sax, Nathan Hubbard on Drums and Kyle Motl on bass. They have been performing together for years in Southern California and visit us now celebrating their new release "The Other Shore" on NoBusiness Records. Their years of musical dialog has developed into a dialectic that results in beautiful spiritually grounded collective composition.

Peter recieved a measure of success during the NYC Loft era with records on the Italian Soul Note label ("The Kill), Switzerland's Hat Hut Records ("Ghost of a Trance") and his on Big City Records ("Livin' Right") He was primarily known for his work on Bb and bass clarinet at the time and performed with Lester Bowie, Billy Bang, Frank Lowe, William Parker, and Toshinori Kondo, to name a few. After a decades long hiatus for performing he has made a critically acclaimed come back in recent years and returns as an ordained Zen Priest with decades of recovery from addiction. Recent CD releases include "Our Earth/Our World" with Dave Sewelson, gerald Cleaver and Larry Roland on pfMENTIM, and a pair of releases as leader on NoBusiness Records: "No Coming, No Going" with William Parker, Toshinori Kondo, Denis Charles, Arthur Williams and "The Other Shore" with this trio.

Nathan Hubbard is a prolific composer and master percussionist covering a wide range of creative music in his own groups. Perhaps best known for his work with Cosmologic he transcends genre with a love of music that is contagious. His 5 CD set "Encinitas and Everything After" on Castor & Pollux was awarded Jazz Album of the Year 2014 by the San Diego Music Awards. His new release "Furiously Dreaming" featuring his Skeleton Key Orchestra on Orenda Records may well do the same this year.

Kyle Motl is a bassist, composer, and improviser. Active in a variety of ensembles and settings, Kyle’s work crosses the boundaries between idioms as wide as free jazz, contemporary concert music, and extreme metal. Current interests include extended harmonic techniques for solo bass improvisation, electroacoustic performance with live electronics and improvising software, modular compositional schemes, recursive and generative structuring, and exploration of complex sonic spectra. He is a phenomenal playermember of this group, and has been performing Abbey Rader since 2011. He maintains regular duo projects with T.J. Borden, Adam Tinkle, and Drew Ceccato. The Kyle Motl Trio, featuring Kjell Nordeson and Tobin Chodos is a collaborative platform for new compositions weaving complex structures together with free improvisation. Kyle has performed alongside artists including Anthony Davis, Kidd Jordan, Mary Halvorson, Roscoe Mitchell, Mark Dresser, and Wadada Leo Smith, among others.

Eddie Gale is a legendary performer and community activist who needs no introduction. He has played and recorded with John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor and Sun Ra to name a few, in addition to his prolific work on Blue Note and other labels. Peter and Eddie have played in numerous settings together since the 70's in California and NYC. They share a profound vision for world peace and spiritual awakening through musical healing.

"Motl and Hubbard’s nimble and flexible approach allow them to respond to Kuhn and each other quickly. It’s astonishing how a subtle change in Kuhn’s tone color, Hubbard moving to another cymbal, or Motl deciding to put more space between notes can lead to a significant shift in the group’s direction. This high level of interaction and the music it creates is special, and a treat to behold.” from a review “The Other Shore” by Chris Robinson on Point of Departure.

Cost: $15 General / $10 Members