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Sat, Oct 8 2016 8:00 PM

Berkeley Arts
2133 University Avenue Berkeley
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MFP&T19 breaks with its tradition of gallery and proscenium concerts to assemble for a night of pure rock in alternate tunings. Each act balances experimental and rock idioms, from heavy drone to swirling psychedelia, giving audiences not only a rare glimpse into the often surprising influences and passions of these avant-garde performers, but an experience of the through lines to the work they are more commonly known for creating. The evening is sure to be provocative (and loud).

Doors at 8 with DJ set, live sets at 9

Solo Organ

San Francisco filmmaker and musician Douglas Katelus performs under the name Solo Organ whenever he plays solo - on, you guessed it - an organ. Creating free-form psychedelic blues drone jazz while also incorporating elements of moving pictures and classic rock, this year Solo Organ released the album Atom Heart and Beyond the Infinite, which features the Pink Floyd epic "Atom Heart Mother" on one side and original compositions on the other, all played solo on the organ.

'Fraid o' Freyja

The psychedelic alter ego of Thingamajigs Performance Group, 'Fraid o' Freyja features a stripped-down rock trio of electric guitar (Edward Schocker), drums (Suki O'Kane), and Wurlitzer organ (Dylan Bolles), all prepared in just intonation. Owing as much to Danzig as Taoism, their improvised performances are heavy, ecstatic, loud, and long. 'Fo'F is currently mixing their first five records, which they recorded in a single day, for release in early 2017.

Winner's Bitch

The detuned speed metal thrash duo Winner's Bitch, named for the esteemed dog show prize, uses the electric guitar of Joy Sue Hutchinson (Institute of Light and Joy, She Mob) and double-kick drum kit of Suki O'Kane (Thingamajigs Performance Group, New Zombies) to mercilessly pull the thread of life's existential sweater until it completely unravels and can no longer be used for its original purpose. Joy is better known as a sound healer and social change advocate credentialed by the California Institute of Integral Studies with a certificate in Yoga of the Voice from the Vox Mundi Mystery School of the Voice, led by her beloved teacher, Silvia Nakkach. Suki studies Naada Yoga with Ann Dyer. Together, Joy and Suki apply principles of breath and vibration to explosive compositions about shoes, paranoia, decision-making, out-sized herbal supplements and mammogram machines.

DJ Paratune

Spinning the choice mix in microtonal rock from Ethiopia, Baltimore, Northern El Cerrito and West Bay, with interstitial alternate tuned pieces from Southern Oregon and rare recordings of early editions of the Dylan Bolles' magnificent keyboard playing.

Cost: $10-15 sliding