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Wed, Oct 5 2016 7:30 PM

For the first of our two October shows in the Composers in Performance Series, we present an evening of processed electronics and guitar with Middle Grey (Anastasia Clarke + Jackson Randall) & Andrew Weathers Ensemble. In addition, a new sound installation by Berkeley artist Cere Davis will be on display for the evening.


Middle Grey is a collaboration between Anastasia Clarke and Jackson Randall, formed in New York in 2014. Voice, synthesizers, and electronic instruments drive their travels along spectra between improvisation and premeditation. The duo is united by a desire to create music that provokes, nourishes, and heals.

Middle Grey's recordings were released as a double-cassette box set and digital download on Cryptic Carousel recordings in 2016, under the encompassing title Mirror Medicine.


Andrew Weathers Ensemble:

Andrew Weathers: guitar, voice
Aaron Oppenheim: bass, accordion, computer
Scott Siler: drums, vibraphone
Blaine Todd: guitar, harmonica, shruti box

Andrew Weathers Ensemble is a group of musicians that has existed in various forms since 2010. AWE has released four full-length records that combine American folk song structures with improvised drones. Tonight they will debut new songs from an upcoming album. Most of the lyrics are adaptations of songs from the International Workers of the World songbook, Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent.


Water Organ by Cere Davis

A musical composition is generated through the subtle chaotic interplay between fluid and electro-magnetism as floating vessels shift and share in a congested 2-dimensional space. Floating vessels transform into speakers through the use of embedded magnets as they float over inductive coils. Tones emanating from floating vessels compliment one another and fade in and out of the acoustic foreground as they float on a pool of water.

Sound and kinetic behavior are created through a micro controller and amplified with motor drivers applied as an alternate means of both audio amplification and magnetic actuation.

Cere Davis works as a freelance artist in Berkeley, California. In 2013 she began using her professional background in physics and engineering to explore her passion for demonstrating how science could express itself through the art of moving sculpture. She uses fundamental elements of physics to reveal patterns of chaotic motion generated from the subtle interplay between external forces and a material's natural characteristics. She aims to inspire both emotional and intellectual inquiry through her use of tactile materials in anthropomorphic sculptural form.

She produces and collaborates on projects ranging from dance performance to sound art to kinetic sculpture. Her exhibits have been shown at various galleries, festivals, conferences and public outreach events throughout the US. She an educator and the artistic director at Counter Culture Labs and is a resident art fellow at Manylabs in San Francisco, California, where she collaborates with scientists to inspire scientific curiosity and participation through interactive art.

Cost: $5-15