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Mon, Nov 7 2016 8:00 PM

8PM- Wayne Grim's Entartete Ensemble

9PM- Sung Kim's Hare and Arrow

10PM - Mika Pontecorvo's Lingua Incognita Session (LIS) -
Open Improvisation Session exploring the musical grammars of Bitches Brew era Miles and Primetime era Ornette Coleman
Drums/Percussion - Mark Pino. Aaron Levin, Tim Orr.
Basses - Ray Schaeffer, Elijah Pontecorvo.
Keyboards - Amanda Chaudhary.
Electronic/Percussion - Jack Hertz.
Guitar - Lorenzo Arreguin.
Guitar/Electronics/Percussion - Mika Pontecorvo.
Saxes/Percussion - Joshua Marshall, Kersti Abrams, Tom Weeks.
Bass Clarinet, Baritone Sax - Jaroba.
Trumpet - Ari Brown.

Delving deeper into the emergent structures which form around open improvisation within the sonic grammars of Davis' Bitches Brew and Coleman's Primetime Band. Expect the Unexpected...This isn't about Miles and Ornette covers this is about new emerging material...

Cost: free
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play:
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
Something nice and weird hot off the reals.