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Wed, Nov 9 2016 8:00 PM

Perpetual Motion | Spectres


Kerry Laitala is a media archaeologist whose works spans the territories of photography and expanded cinema performances to 3D single channel videos and sculptural installation. Laitala’s work synthesizes ideas and ephemera from the realms of science, history, and technology. Her work with installation, photography, para­cinema, performance, kinetic sculpture, and single­ channel projection investigates evolving systems of belief. She studied photography and film at the Massachusetts College of Art and teaches at the San Francisco Art Institute.

John Davis is a Northern California musician and filmmaker whose work builds on the relationship between moving image and sound through live performance and studio-based works. John curated and performed in the series Gravity Spells: Bay Area Experimental Music and Expanded Cinema Art series in Berkeley, and recently participated in the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, The Soundwave Festival, and the Re:Sound experimental music series on Mare Island.

Raha Raissnia (b. 1967, Tehran) is a Brooklyn-based artist whose practice encompasses painting, drawing, filmmaking and performance. She gained exposure to avant-garde filmmaking as an intern at Anthology Film Archives. Creating layered works in various mediums, her performances have involved projecting films and slides onto her large paintings, with musical accompaniment. Raissnia has collaborated with musicians such as Charles Curtis, Briggan Krauss, Dalius Naujo, Doron Sadja and Aki Onda. Raissnia received a B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1992) and an M.F.A. from Pratt Institute (2002). She has been an Adjunct Professor of Drawing at the City College of New York, and Parsons the New School of Design. Artist Statement: All three areas of my practice­­––painting, drawing, and filmmaking––are interconnected and interdependent. My films and paintings influence one another, and through creating drawings I investigate this influence. My painting practice brings and adds elements of abstraction to the vision I capture onto film and my films bring in elements of reality into my paintings. What reveals itself as a subject matter in all my work is of human vulnerability. Although at times my work seems to allude to the dismal, my philosophy is optimistic and believes in human integrity. My process is layered and permutational. It makes use of both old and new technologies and relies heavily on what my hands can achieve. Music and sound play a major role in both inspiring and forming completed works. I physically modify my projectors, mainly 16mm, super 8 and slide projectors and play them like musical instruments.

Voicehandler is the duo of Jacob Felix Heule and Danishta Rivero. Their foundation is in voice and percussion performance, and they have made extensive use of live electronics. Their first album, song cycle, combines textural acoustic improv, noise and song forms in compositions based on writings by Borges, Burroughs and Hamsun. They have also recently composed and performed music for Christine Bonansea's interdisciplinary performance piece Floaters.

Panagiotis Mavridis (b.1980, Athens) is a Brooklyn-based artist best known for his original musical instruments that combine electronic and acoustic principles. He is the former director and owner of Qbox Gallery in Athens.
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