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Wed, Feb 8 2017 7:30 PM

Meridian Music Presents:
Laura Feathers
Earth Jerks
Tammy Duplantis

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
7:30pm - 10:00pm
Canessa Gallery
708 Montgomery St. SF
$5-20 sliding scale

For our February event at Canessa Gallery we're excited to present electronic soundscapes from New York artist Laura Feathers, 8-bit avant chiptunes from Tammy Duplantis and epic fuzzed-out drones from Earth Jerks.

Laura Feathers
Laura Feathers is an experimental sound artist living in New York City. Her latest offerings on SoundCloud are under the artist name Magic Sun, titled Messiaen Parts I and II, Soundscape I, and All Tomorrow's Parties. Reminiscent of vintage synth work of decades past, Laura creates sound worlds that develop interesting musical ideas. Laura's compositional process relies heavily on improvisation. Her Moog synthesizers, infinity looper, guitar, and electric violin all help her build her soundscapes. For the Composers in Performance series at the Canessa Gallery, Laura will perform multichannel surroundsound pieces, composing with a Strymon Timeline looper. She will explore delicate drones and electronics.
Laura has performed with The Dark Circuits Orchestra at Culture Hub, NYC, at the Noise Gate Festival at NYU, and has recently recorded a record with The Dark Circuits Orchestra at the Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, New York.
Laura has a BA in Literature and Music from Stony Brook University and will begin the Deep Listening Certificate training in 2017.

Earth Jerks
Slow rolling organ drone; lots of reverb, delay, hiss, fuzz and murk. `66 riot on Sunset Strip turned inside out and played back at half speed. Earth Jerks follow the Sonic B. policy of "3 chords good, 2 chords better, 1 chord best". Former member of Death Sentence: PANDA!, Cops, Murder Murder and a host of other groups who sounded nothing alike.

Tammy Duplantis
Tammy Duplantis is a Louisiana-born composer of electronic music, homebrew Game Boy developer, and performer of assorted instruments both physical and digital. She is currently inhabiting the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a box of mossy Game Boy cartridges filled with ASCII river rapids and pixel-sized fruit flies and death. She would like to play them for you.

Cost: $5-15