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Fri, May 5 2017 8:00 PM

Clarinet Thing

Sheldon Brown, Eb, Bb, bass clarinets; Beth Custer, Bb, A, alto, bass clarinets; Ben Goldberg, Bb, contralto clarinets; Harvey Wainapel, Bb, bass clarinets

Founded in 1989 by Custer, Clarinet Thing has delighted audiences for decades with their original compositions and arrangements of unusual and standard jazz works, all performed on the clarinet family. They've two recordings out on Custer's BC Records label and are presently working on a third. One of Custer's compositions for CT was featured on the William Farley documentary film Plastic Man: The Artful Life of Jerry Ross Barrish. Don't miss this rare appearance of this virtuoso ensemble in a stellar setting.
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: