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Tue, Mar 14 2017 7:00 PM

Cyprian's Center
2097 Turk Street San Francisco Ca (corner of Turk and Lyon) (downstairs)

Next Now presents:

A Conjunction of Quantium Effects and Improvised Music ::
(may be a PI reference in all this, ya think?! 3.14)

7:00 - Dancin' Baby

8:30 - Lingua Incognita Session # 3

At the Cyprian's Center (home of the Church of John Coltrane)

Some insight into Free Music Improvisation and the process of creation ::

LINGUA INCOGNITA SESSION #3 - a session of improvised music based on the language elements of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew/Electric Band Era and Ornette Coleman's Primetime/NoWave some excursions into Sun Ra Arkestra and Hermetio Pascoal inspired work ...

personnel includes: Joshua Marshal l - Tenor&Soparno Sax, Jaroba - Bass Clarinet, Saxes, Eli Pontecorvo - 6string fretless Bass, Percussion, Amanda Chaudhary - Keyboards, Jack Hertz-Electronics, Percussion, Collette Jay McCaskin - Trumpet, Percussion, , Mark Pino - Drums, Tim Orr - Drums, Percussion, Kersti Abrams - Alto Sax, NorthAfrican reeds, Flute, Mika Pontecorvo - Guitar, Flute, Electronics. Lorenzo Arreguin - Guitar, .(and more)

Plus Opening Set by

DANCIN' BABY - Brian Pedersen-baritone horn, sax. Jeff Lievers-baritone horn, drums. Courtney Sexton-baritone horn. Kit Young-video feedback

Cost: donation
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