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Thu, May 4 2017 7:30 PM

660 Lomita Dr. Stanford
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Burnt Dot is an experimental noise and improvisation ensemble founded by Sarah Belle Reid (trumpet) and Ryan Gaston (modular synthesizer). Join us for the release of our cassette Constant Ballet and the premiere of a new audiovisual work Rare Earth for Desert Plant, with digital artist Sahir Khan.

The Rare Earth hypothesis states that complex life is the product of an intricate series of coincidental cosmic conditions. The unlikelihood for these precise circumstances to align suggests that intelligent life is rare elsewhere in the universe—if it exists at all. But perhaps complex life is more varied than we know to look for. It might even be all around us, undetected or simply unnoticed.
An audiovisual performance piece inspired by the emergence of organized systems in chaotic environments, Rare Earth for Desert Plant is a ritual plea for interstellar contact. Using augmented trumpet, modular synthesizers, interactive visuals, and ceremonial objects, a beacon for intelligent communication is formed and activated.
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Sarah Belle Reid is a Canadian born, Los Angeles based trumpet player, creative coder, and intermedia artist. Her current work focuses on liminality and memory imprints both in sound and physical performance—a fascination inspired by Duchamp's writings on infrathin. She is also actively working on the design and development of new interfaces for musical expression, as a means of augmenting the trumpet.

Ryan Gaston is a composer,
synthesist, and sound artist. Ryan's work centers around modular synthesizer performance, sound
spatialization, and notation and analysis of electronic and timbre-based music. Fascinated by developing new modes of listening and performing, Gaston makes work that exploits the unique possibilities of its venue of realization—be it a concert hall, dingy dive bar, art gallery, or a pair of headphones.

Sahir Khan is a CraftyCalifornian™ who studied at CalArts. He is a graphic designer, illustrator, motion designer, and digital artist currently based in L.A. His interests lie with exploring creation in the fields of motion and print design and has had the pleasure of creating a wide variety of work ranging from audiovisual art, to instructional design. When he's not on the grind, he enjoys eating a chili or two with his food.

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