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Fri, May 5 2017 6:00 PM

MicroFest North: Opening Reception, Iconoclast Centennials

Opening Reception: Iconoclast Centennials

Join us for a celebration of alternate tuning and the Iconoclasts Centennials which includes works by Harrison, Colvig, and Darreg, all of whom would have turned 100 this spring. The work of these giants is presented in tandem with new works exploring the tuning theories of contemporary artists like Chalmers, Grady and Monzo.

Reception from 6-7pm provides the public a chance to explore these related gallery shows.

Panel discussion at 7pm discusses the work of Lou Harrison, Bill Colvig, and Ivor Darreg including panelists:

Larry Polansky (Santa Cruz)

William Winant (Oakland)

Daniel Schmidt (El Sobrante)

Jonathan Glasier (San Diego)

Demonstrations by:

Larry Polansky on Transfer Harp by Bill Colvig

William Winant on Ptolemy Duple by Bill Colvig

Jonathan Glasier on 19 tone guitar playing a prelude by Ivor Darreg
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: