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Wed, Apr 26 2017 8:00 PM

1750 Arch Street Berkeley
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Laura Carmichael @ CNMAT - SOS Vivaldi

SOS Vivaldi: Laura Carmichael, clarinet & bass clarinet

**Joined by vocalists Pamela Z, Beryl Lee Heuermann and Ken Ueno**

Hailing from Amsterdam, clarinetist and bass clarinetist Laura Carmichael returns to her roots in the Bay Area, for a week residency at UC Berkeley. In the 1990s she lived in the Bay Area and also did many projects at CNMAT, and is thrilled to present her program SOS Vivaldi joined by Ken Ueno, Pamela Z and Beryl Lee Heuermann. Her own work and will be featured alongside works by Cindy Cox, Ig Henneman and Julio Estrada, plus improvisations with each of the vocalists in response.

As a rebellious classical musician, Laura has spent a lifetime contending with the paradox of wanting to succeed in the establishment while being irresistibly pulled to challenge the status quo. Grounded in the tradition, she has played with orchestras like the San Francisco Symphony, and in halls from the Berlin Philharmonie and the Concertgebouw. However it was her love for improvisation, collaboration and creating new work that led her to perform with major contemporary music ensembles in Europe, including MusikFabrik and Ensemble MAE, and make her own projects. She has played at festivals including MaerzMusik and Warsaw Autumn, and lectured at most major universities and conservatories in the US and Europe. Creative collaboration has driven more than two decades of innovative performance practices and re-evaluation of audience interactions. In 1999 she moved to Amsterdam to study bass clarinet with Harry Sparnaay, and went on to perform with live electronics, sensors, and to research theatrical music and gesture as sources for non-habituated raw material, and the integration of voice and instrumental performance practice. She uses and teachers the Critical Response Process, and workshops on mindset, creativity, leadership, and communication both to musicians and the general


The Motion Caused for speaking solo bass clarinet & clarinet – Ig Henneman
improvisation duo with Pamela Z

Shape of the Shell for solo bass clarinet and soundtrack – Cindy Cox
improvisation duo with Beryl Lee Heuermann

Yuunohui'yei’ Ehecatl for solo bass clarinet – Julio Estrada
improvisation duo with Ken Ueno

SOS Vivaldi for clarinet, voice and soundtrack – Laura Carmichael
vocal trio improvisation
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BREATHING is a movement from Carbon Song Cycle (a inter-media chamber work by composer/performer Pamela Z and visual artist Christina McPhee). The work was originally written for voice & electronics, bassoon, viola, cello, percussion, and tape. This is a solo version performed by the composer (with just voice, processing, and tape), recorded at a 3/13/2014 duo concert with Joan La Barbara as part of the 2014 ROOM Series. Pamela Z is using a gesture controller (designed and built by Donald Swearingen). © 2013 Last Letter Music (ASCAP)