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Sat, Jun 24 2017 8:00 PM

Secret Codes of Sound: Jane Rigler, flute & electronics

Exploring the complexities of language (i.e., rational, irrational, conscious, subconscious, structured, improvised), through speech, the voice, the physical and gestural, as well as the mysteries of codes, programming, animal, machine and other non-being languages, composer/performer Jane Rigler explores acoustic and electronic interactions of sounds as languages and languages as sounds.

Jane Rigler (Ph.D. in Music), flutist, composer, improviser will explore the ways language has inspired her work, from Inuit women’s vocal games to the sounds of the Humpback whales, Rigler will demonstrate both her acoustic work on the flute and piccolo as well as her interactive electronic pieces in which she interfaces in real-time with recordings she has collected from her travels all over the world. In her work Convexed Origins for moving flutist and fixed electronics, she explores language through movement, space and the body. She will show how Deep Listening©, a creative, communal sounding practice developed by the late composer Pauline Oliveros, has inspired her work as a performer/composer/educator.