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Wed, Aug 9 2017 7:45 PM

Peacock Lounge
552 Haight Street
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Jupiter Blue
From the Arkestra's engine room, Jupiter Blue's tone scientists D.Hotep and Jupiter Girl emerge to reveal elements and precepts of another kind of language, another tomorrow, learned through years of discipline to be given freely in the present. Hotep's own ARP (Akimbo Research Projects) develops through-composed and free-improvised performance based on sonification of pitch-sets derived from elemental particles. Expect the never-expected as electronics, electric guitar, celestial vocals, percussion, and violin call forth shadows of unseen worlds.

Las Sucias
Quit with your clean, put your lips on it already. With Danishta y Alexandra at the controls, what starts as Fever Pitch reggaeton gets stickied up fast once that contact-pineapple busts out. This is riot romance and you're about to break up with your spectator seat. "A dembow beat skitters and woozy waves of coarse noise ebb and flow; then Buschman pours the Puerto Rican pre-mixed cocktail Gasolina into her cervical cup and ceremoniously offers it to onlookers, all of whom imbibe with nearly religious fervor." -KQED

Her prolific collaborations range from Replicock, Pigs in the Ground, Tarantism and Caroliner to Tainted Pussy and Jeweled Snakes but to hear her solo as Sharkiface is to glimpse the anchorline beneath it all. In sunless depths where noord, tranoe, toe fetish and larynx converge, an immense hunger hunts without rest. Now, as the sonic ocean roils about your thighs, is an excellent time to realize that if you can hear it, it can hear you!

Map Collection
The duo of Curt Brown and Fletcher Pratt, formed at Mills College in 2015, moves in oblique tandem as if entangled by quantum gravity, warping as they traverse the topographic lines of an astral soundmap that had been silent until trodden, undetectable until woven into their singular sound tapestry. Hypnotic warp stitches pulsating weft, snaring nameless specimens in its drift. Quit your squirming, float your ineffable mind into the cosmic net and join the menagerie of Map Collection.

Cost: $5