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Tue, Aug 22 2017 8:00 PM

Hotel Utah
500 Fourth Street @Bryant SF
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Inner Ear Brigade, Inward Creature, Cabbagehead

Inner Ear Brigade

Inner Ear Brigade (IEB) is an ensemble of musicians based in the San Francisco Bay Area who play a unique mix of progressive rock, jazz, and experimental pop, all delivered through their originally detailed compositions and arrangements. They recently released their 2nd full length album “Dromology”. The music is “fun, happy, accessible, and proggy.” Steeped with a vintage analog sensibility, effects processing, and synthesizers, IEB crafts their sounds from “ RIO elements (Rock In Opposition), Canterbury (Sound), and Zappa”. IEB is Bill Wolter (guitar and compositions), Ivor Holloway (sax), Andrew Jamieson (keyboards), Stephen Wright (bass), Alison Niedbalski (vocals) and Christopher Lauf (drums).

Inward Creature

Wizards of mirth from San Francisco. Inward Creature crafts a unique blend of boogie woogie indie pop that's both silly in presentation and serious in execution.


Cabbagehead is comprised of instrumentalists from across the bay area who get together to play original and improvised music through a ‘collective brainstorm’ approach to writing and arranging. New material never gets out alive without intense re-arrangement. A little swing here... a sprinkle of ska there... some metal breakdowns... nothing is off-limits, and everything is fair game.​​​​​​​​ That is the Cabbage way.

In January of 2016 Cabbagehead released an EP that was quickly outdated as their sound and approach evolved. In February of 2017 the band released an album of both originals and arrangements in their debut full-length release - ‘AGE.' Catch Cabbagehead in a produce aisle near you.