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Bill Wolter
guitarist, composer, and bandleader
Bill Wolter is a guitarist, composer, and bandleader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His music hovers around experimental rock, jazz, noise, new music, and all areas in between. A restless collaborator who seeks the most diverse and challenging musical experiences, Bill performs or collaborates frequently throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond with a wide range of musicians, bands, improvisers, and choreographers. While guitar is his main instrument, he also plays bass and keyboards.

His main musical project is Inner Ear Brigade (IEB), a large ensemble that plays a mix of progressive rock, avant jazz, and classical new music. He has also played and performed with Aaron Novik's “Dante Counterstamp”, Moe! Staiano’s “Surplus 1980” and large ensembles, Karl Evangilista’s “Dino Piranha” as well as other outstanding musicians.