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Fri, Sep 29 2017 9:00 PM

DJ LAG and Siete Catorce (Live)

Join us for performances by electronic music pioneers DJ Lag and Siete Catorce! These two artists are at the forefront of minimalist, deep electronic rhythm making—not to be missed.

DJ Lag and Siete Catorce are at the forefront of minimalist electronic rhythm making. Lose yourself in intricate drum work, eclectic rhythms, and dark, minimalist beats by two artists advancing electronic music. Bay Area artists Only Now and Tr4vi3za share the stage this evening, with Only Now aka Kush Arora bringing a live show, with reactive midi visuals as well with the genre mutants of gqom, industrial/ambient, and kuduro. Tr4vi3za opening the show with an innovative and upbeat set.