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Sun, Oct 1 2017 8:00 PM

An evening of audiovisual improvisations with Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba), James Fei (reeds), Bill Hsu (video, electronics), Matt Ingalls (clarinets)

Since 1990 tubaist Carl Ludwig Hübsch has lived in Cologne. He composes and performs in concert halls, studios and theatres lending his talents to ensembles and orchestras. He`s well known for his unique solo concerts. He now concentrates on Improvised Music and Composition. He also leads Workshops for tuba and improvisation.

James Fei has since been active as a composer and performer on saxophones and live electronics. His recordings can be found on Leo Records, Improvised Music from Japan, CRI, Krabbesholm and Organized Sound. Fei received the Grants for Artists Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in 2014. He has taught at Mills College in Oakland since 2006, where he is Associate Professor of Electronic Arts.

Bill Hsu works with electronics and interactive animations. He teaches and does research at San Francisco State University.

Reviled for his "shapeless sonic tinkering" by the Los Angeles Times, Oakland musician Matt Ingalls is a composer, clarinetist, concert producer, and computer music programmer. Often incorporating elements of improvisation, his music is heavily influenced by his long involvement in computer music. Matt is the founder and co-director of sfSound, a new music series, ensemble, and internet radio station devoted to new ideas and traditions of experimental music, performance art, live electronic music, Bay Area composition, and the various facets of contemporary improvisation.

Cost: $10
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
Performance with John Butcher at ICLI 2016, Brighton
John Butcher, soprano saxophone and electronics
Bill Hsu, electronics and video
Performance with James Fei and Gino Robair, Outsound Summit 2015
James Fei, saxophones
Bill Hsu, video
Gino Robair, percussion
Demo for Floe (version 2/26/17)
video and music by Bill Hsu