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Bill Hsu
electronics and real-time video
Bill Hsu works with electronics and real-time video. His work mostly involves using gestural interfaces to control animation and sound synthesis, and building real-time audio-visual systems that interact with human performers. He has built interactive pieces and installations in collaboration with Peter van Bergen, Chris Burns, John Butcher, James Fei, Matt Heckert, Lynn Herschman, Jeremy Mende, and Gino Robair, among others, and performed in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Articles about his projects have appeared at and He is a founding member of the Beanbender’s collective, which organized over 150 concerts of new music in the San Francisco Bay area. He teaches and does research in the Department of Computer Science at San Francisco State University.
Upcoming Events:

Friday, November 5 2021 7:00 PM
Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
In the blur between acoustic and amplified, synthetic and analog, algorhythm and improvisation, clarity is forged anew only if you look ahead. Swinging serious sonic sledgehammers for a threefold lifetime now, Tom Djll, Bill Hsu, and Matt Ingalls lay the railroad into terra incognita. Jacob Felix Heule is an improvising percussionist with a special interest in friction techniques. His music is shaped by intuition, listening, and following where the sounds lead. Danishta Rivero is a musician and sound artist based in Oakland. She is a vocalist who performs on electronics and the Hydrophonium, a water-based electro-acoustic percussion instrument she created.  More...
Performance with John Butcher at ICLI 2016, Brighton
John Butcher, soprano saxophone and electronics
Bill Hsu, electronics and video
Performance with James Fei and Gino Robair, Outsound Summit 2015
James Fei, saxophones
Bill Hsu, video
Gino Robair, percussion
Xenoglossia/Leishmania for Computer Music Journal compilation 2014
Chris Burns, electronics
Bill Hsu, interactive animation
Demo for Floe (version 2/26/17)
video and music by Bill Hsu
Installation: A Flourish of Tiny Regrets