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Fri, Feb 2 2018 8:00 PM

Piano, Clarinet, and Strings Attached

Featuring chamber works for piano, clarinet, and strings by Iosif Andriasov, Arshak Andriasov, Sergei Taneyev, Aram Khatchaturian, and Lawrence London.

Lawrence London, clarinet; Victor Romasevich, violin; Michael Jones, violin; Stephen Levintow, viola; Jill Brindel, cello; Arkadi Serper, piano; Marilyn Thompson, piano

Sergei Taneyev Trio for two violins and viola in D major, Op. 21
Lawrence London Starry Nights, Doggy Days
Iosif Andriasov Musical Sketch for violin and string orchestra, Op. 4C; Musical Sketch for cello and chamber orchestra, Op. 24C; Meditation for viola and string orchestra, Op. 30E; Concertino for Clarinet and Symphony Orchestra, Op. 27; and Trio for violin, cello, and piano, Op. 7
Arshak Andriasov 16 Themes in 16 Measures, for clarinet solo, Op. 16
Aram Khachaturian Trio for clarinet, violin, and piano

A group of venerable musicians and dear friends come together to perform some of their favorite chamber music in the glorious acoustic environment of Old First Concerts. Members of three Bay Area chamber groups—Trio Navarro, Troika Ensemble, and the Jupiter Chamber Ensemble—their program will highlight works by father and son composers Iosif Andriasov and Arshak Andriasov, along with works by Sergei Taneyev and Aram Khatchaturian. Composer and clarinetist Lawrence London is joined by the ensemble in a performance of his work Starry Nights, Doggy Days.