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Thu, Mar 8 2018 8:00 PM

8:15 - Pitta of the Mind
8:45 - busteR
9:15 - Usufruct

Pitta of the Mind is the duo of Amanda Chaudhary and Maw Shein Win, combining poetry with abstract electronic music. Their highly theatrical performances each center around a theme that is explored via text, sound and visuals.
Amanda Chaudhary is a composer and performer specializing in contemporary and electronic music. Her solo work involves experimenting with innovative sounds via analog synthesis and custom software with computers and mobile devices as well as folk and toy instruments.
Maw Shein Win is a poet, editor, and educator who lives and works in the Bay Area. Her writing has appeared in many journals and several anthologies, including Cimarron Review, Fanzine, The Fabulist, and others. She was an Artist in Residence at Headlands Center for the Arts and is a member of the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. She often collaborates with visual artists, musicians, and other writers. Along with composer and musician, Amanda Chaudhary, she is part of musical duo Pitta of the Mind that combines poetry with abstract electronic music. Her collaborative book with paintings by artist Mark Dutcher, Ruins of a glittering palace, was published by SPA/Commonwealth Projects. Her most recent poetry chapbook is Score and Bone on Nomadic Press. Her poetry was featured in artist Megan Wilson’s mural, Flower Interruption, a public artwork in the special exhibition Flower Power at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum. Her full-length collection, Invisible Gifts, Poems, will be published by Manic D Press in April. She is the first poet laureate of El Cerrito.

busteR is a solo project by bassist Kip Kipperman musician, composer, improviser, sounder, listener, and teacher currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, by way of Boston, Berlin, and Western Massachusetts.Kip has studied with Pauline Oliveros, Zeena Parkins, Maggi Payne, Ellen Fullman, Fred Frith, James Fei, Roscoe Mitchell, Jamie MacDonald, Dan Warner, Christoph Cox, Roman Yakub, Junko Oba, and Marty Ehrlich.Interested in how personal aspects of oneself are negotiated and translated into improvisation of all kinds, they are focused on the possible healing qualities of embodying oneself and building community through sonic improvisation, body movement, dreamwork, mindfulness, radical education, and political activism.
busteR is an experiment and an exercise in remaining open, in letting improvisation happen as it chooses to, in composing for only themselves without barriers and deadlines. It is a culmination and expression of all of the personal work that They have done over the past year(s), and all of the personal work that They have yet to do for the rest of Their life.

Usufruct (YOO-zoo-fruckt) is the right of the people to harvest the fruits of common property. The duo Usufruct, consisting of flutist, vocalist, composer, and improviser Polly Moller Springhorn and computer musician Tim Walters, deconstructs, lovingly reassembles, and improvises around found texts and musical materials in the public domain.
Both are veterans of the Transbay creative music scene and equally at home in contemporary classical, rock, and freely improvised musics. In founding Usufruct they set out to bring sounds from their free-improvisation vocabularies into a more compositional framework, and set up a creative process where both their minds can wander and come together sonically over sounds and words embedded in Western consciousness. They find them ripe for slicing, dicing, tenderizing, pickling, caramelization, maceration, marinading, and presentation with special sauces.

Cost: $8-15 sliding
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