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Wed, Jan 17 2018 7:45 PM

Bruce Anderson & A.C. Way
"Parental Advisory" was plastered on MX-80 Sound's all-instrumental album, but it's the fucked up guitar on Bruce Anderson's solo album "Brutality" that's more likely to debauch your child within and the attached adult as well once you realize he's about to be joined by A.C. Way (Thoabath). Don't look now, here come two pitch-black chasms of chaos calling your name. No parents to wake you now.

Haunted screw jams of industrial alienation for castaways living whole years on dark dance floors in dilated sound-permeated habitat, soaked in psychic medium, eyes mere receptacles of light, nerves and muscles only motors of time. Vocals ebb then flow back on sine wave shaping in distortion to crest and crash down lapping in beats across your backstroke, spinning you in the petri of your present, bumping you into your bacteria for a prehistoric smooch before dancing a very little farther off.

Frank's Tina Takes
“Armchair pathologist of the last century and beyond.” “Honest as a lunar landing and twice as close.” Laden with generational bait, Frank invites you to fake your first footsteps, run clear your history and delete your drive.

Christina Stanley
Violinist, electronic musician, vocalist, painter, and human tornado of possibility, Christina Stanley's original compositions have become favorites at Godwaffle noise pancakes, dragging drunkards from their poisoned sleep to marvel by daylight at the sounds and ideas she alone can raise up. "Fabric" is her first solo album, released in 2017, steering a course squarely into song, lyric and melody. Soloist at SFEMF, featured vocalist for the William Winant percussion ensemble and Lightbulb Ensemble, in 2017 she joined ROVA Quartet to perform Coletrane's "Electric Ascension" at SFJAZZ. In any setting, there's no guessing what she might do once you let her find your ears.​

Cost: $5