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Wed, Mar 21 2018 7:45 PM

Relay For Death, Jim Haynes, AEMAE, The Third Ear
Wed, March 21; doors 7:45pm, show 8-10:30pm
Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight Street $5-$10 NOTAFLOF all-ages

Relay For Death
Twin sisters, Rachal Spikula and Roxann Spikula, born to a self-professed anarcho-nihilist in the American South were thus fated physical witness, each for the other, even from a certain pre-birth awareness. Embodied psychic imprints precluding all comfort of forgetting, a shared sense is retained, ever looming, though unrealized in the nervous half-known swarm that seems to rise and surround them and their sound. The underlying coherence of this post-industrial project rests on a metaphysical vision rather than stylistic approach. Their LP "Birth of an Older Much More Ugly Christ" on Hanson records is highly acclaimed; and "They Are Heating Up The Ovens Get the Fuck Out Now" on No Rent is a disquieting and considered elaboration of their work. But their 2016 double album "Natural Incapacity" on Helen Scarsdale Agency proved things are always darkest before they go completely black. Now enter the historic confines of the Peacock Lounge to find what lies below.

Jim Haynes
If corrosion is your vocation, the initial conditions become as elemental as your rusting sulfates and chlorides. In studio or from the field, Haynes gathers signals massive or miniature, shortwave or hypodermic, concussive or ultrasonic. Those initial signals will cross contaminate his corroding molecules, and the first time cycle will be as present as the last with results that may be visible, tactile, conceptual or, at this performance, audible. Treat yourself to the raptures of generative decay. Behold as "cycles of activity collapse into stasis, and how that stasis can rupture when any number of pressures are applied."

“apex predator”

The Third Ear
Few questions concern cause-or-effect, for such are never asked. Not every module connects by alligator clip, for the most important patches pass ear to ear, maestro to maestro to maestro, through thin air. Are three ears then better than two, or six? Doug Lynner, Shiro Fujioka, and Peter Grenader are The Third Ear. Three modular masters seeking singular performances, joining together to sound out this very question. And just suppose what mysteries probed were you to lend an ear?!!

Cost: $5