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Wed, Apr 11 2018 7:30 PM

ODC Dance Theatre
3153 17th Street at Shotwell SF
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Join us on April 11 at the ODC Theater in San Francisco for the third evening of the 23rd annual Other Minds Festival.
This event features work by: Kurt Schwitters; Filippo Marinetti; Fortunato Depero; Gertrude Stein & Virgil Thomson; Ernst Toch; Lawrence Weschler; Cathy Berberian; Bernard Heidsieck. Performed by: Jaap Blonk; Enzo Minarelli; Randall Wong; Sarah Cahill; The Other Minds Ensemble (Kevin Baum, Joel Chapman, Sidney Chen, Amy X Neuburg, Randall Wong and Pamela Z)

This year’s Other Minds Festival focuses on the world of text-sound compositional work utilizing “speech” as a musical medium–text, isolated phonemes, and other vocal utterances as sound material and structural elements. Much of this repertoire also involves aspects of electronic manipulation in live performance.

Works by Amy X Neuburg, Pamela Z, Clark Coolidge, Alvin Curran, Anne Waldman, Sheila Davies Sumner, Susan Stone, and Mark Applebaum will receive their OM debuts. OM will also present Austrian-born American composer Ernst Toch’s complete Gesprochene Musik (including its two rediscovered “lost” movements which accompany the better known “Geographical Fugue”), Kurt Schwitters’ notorious Ursonate (“Primeval Sonata”), and Virgil Thomson/Gertrude Stein’s delightful Capital Capitals.
We’re inviting back to San Francisco some of the superstars — Anne Waldman, Clark Coolidge, Michael McClure and others — and we’re bringing Enzo Minarelli from Italy, Jaap Blonk from Holland, Sten Sandell from Sweden, Tone Åse and Ottar Ormstad from Norway, and Taras Mashtalir from Russia by way of New York to make a joyful noise for all to celebrate. We’ll also pay tribute to departed masters, with rare performances of Bernard Heidsieck’s La Poinçonneuse and Åke Hodell’s presciently political classic Mr. Smith in Rhodesia.

Audio samples in which musicians at this event play:
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
BREATHING is a movement from Carbon Song Cycle (a inter-media chamber work by composer/performer Pamela Z and visual artist Christina McPhee). The work was originally written for voice & electronics, bassoon, viola, cello, percussion, and tape. This is a solo version performed by the composer (with just voice, processing, and tape), recorded at a 3/13/2014 duo concert with Joan La Barbara as part of the 2014 ROOM Series. Pamela Z is using a gesture controller (designed and built by Donald Swearingen). © 2013 Last Letter Music (ASCAP)