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Tue, Jul 24 2018 7:30 PM

17th Annual Outsound New Music Summit
The Bay Area's Creative Music Festival
'Sonic Foundry III' a night of sonic invention with
Tim Thompson - Space Palette Pro
Pet the Tiger Inventors Collective

Tim Thompson has been inventing unique interactive instruments for almost 20 years. His creations explore technology as an enabler for complexity and extending human capability. His latest and greatest creation is the Space Palette Pro, which uses four Sensel Morphs to create an audio/video instrument with unprecedented control and capability.
Tim Thompson is a software engineer, musician, and installation artist. He worked at Bell Labs and AT&T for 20 years in New Jersey, and for Network Appliance in Silicon Valley for 9 years. He is interested in programming languages, algorithmic composition, networked collaboration, atypical controllers, event-driven graphics generation, and realtime video processing.

David Samas, Bart Hopkin, Peter Whitehead, Daniel Schmidt, Stephen Parris and Ian Saxton
Pet the Tiger Inventors Collective is an San Francisco Bay Area ensemble led by David Samas that plays in a wide variety of idioms exploring new timbral dimensions through extended techniques, new instruments, xenharmonics, and fringe acoustic phenomena. They will present new composition for their Harmonic Series Gamelan entitled "Music for Fairies and Elves", original incidental music for Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.
The Harmonic Series Gamelan is a collection of instruments are tuned to the 8th octave of the Schumann Cavity Resonance (62.4 Hertz/ B1+19). Pet the Tiger declares, “It is fundamental to the physics of sound and can be observed widely in nature (which is not true of any other tuning). It is entirely comprised of the lost order just intonation ratios and is un-tempered, meaning there are no commas, and no false octave equivalency. In this way it is pure, natural sound.” The instruments are inspired by the work of Bill Colvig and Lou Harrison, and were assembled in honor of their centenaries in 2017.

Cost: $18/$15/$12 Door, $15/$12/$10 Advance
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Invented Instruments , at the High Zero festival September 22nd 2012 , Baltimore Maryland