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Thu, Nov 15 2018 8:00 PM

Thursday Nov 15
8:15 pm Booker Stardum - solo drums
9:00 pm Sontag Shogun’s Braided Sound
Ian Temple (Sontag Shogun) - piano
Jesse Perlstein (Sontag Shogun) - processed field recordings, voice
Jeremy Young - sine & square waves, amplified surfaces & objects
Danishta Rivero - voice
Amma Ateria - electronics
Andrej Hronco - lapsteel
Briana Marela - synth, voice
Andrew Bernstein (Horse Lords) - saxophone
Booker Stardrum - drums

Sontag Shogun aka BraidedSOUND is a collaborative trio + one that makes use of analog sound treatments and nostalgic solo piano compositions in harmony to depict abstract places in our memory. They have recently joined collaborative forces with Alex Beth Schapiro, a live scentscape artist to bring olfactory narratives and abstracted engagement with physical space to music. Textures built from organic materials such as sand, slate, boiling water, brush and dried leaves, both produced live in performance and recorded to weathered 1/4" tape warm up the space between lush piano themes. All of which is abstracted coolly in the reflective digital space of treated vocals and a live-processed feed from the piano. Bringing us back, like a faded passing scent or any natural emotive trigger, but to where? The wordless journey there will inevitably be more revealing than the destination itself.

Cost: $8-$15 sliding scale
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