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Tue, Nov 13 2018 9:00 PM

Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph Ave Oakland
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Active Music Series presents:
- Tom Weeks' Ero Guro
- Li & AM (Lisa E. Harris and Amy Melissa Reed)
- Headlights (Aurora Josephson/Headboggle)

Ero Guro

Ero Guro is a compositional/performance outlet for the music of Oakland composer, improviser, and saxophonist Tom Weeks. The band focuses on extreme music, drawing from various African American musical traditions, the historical avant-garde, and the heavy metal and hardcore traditions, taking inspiration from sources ranging from transgressive Japanese art aesthetics to ancient Scandinavian literature. Ero Guro has recorded two full length records: the self-titled Ero Guro (2015), and Blood of The Wolf (2017), both released through Weeks' own Wolfsblood label.

Tom Weeks – Alto Saxophone and Compositions
Mike Srouji – Electric Bass
Robbie Pruett – Drum Set
Patrick Talesfore, Jr. - Drum Set

Li & AM

theremin, guitar, objects, sound, voice, image
New work by Lisa E. Harris and Amy Melissa Reed

“Today I specialize in creating original theories involving experimental composition, vocal and human performance, film, sound art and installation, that consider the energetic relationships between body, spirit, land, and space. If these experiences are healing in some way, all the better. I believe in fun, freedom, and feeling good. I hope my work can inspire reconciliation of the past by generating a whole heap of new sense memories, that we may enjoy a balanced present day.” - Lisa E.

Lisa E. Harris (1981)
Lisa E. Harris, Li, is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and composer from Houston Texas, USA. Li is a trained classical voice/opera singer from Manhattan School of Music and is certified as a facilitator of DEEP LISTENING, the sonic philosophies of composer Pauline Oliveros, from the Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute. Li’s work focuses on the energetic relationships between body, land, spirit and place. She uses voice, theremin, movement, text and new media to explore healing in performance.
Recent Work includes:’ “House of Practice” at Project Row Houses, Huston, TX a holistic recreation center that creates a sacred space and a healing environment through the use of cool colors, calming and orderly interiors, mirrors, furniture, literature and a practitioner. The installation offers organic practices, materials, and information as alternatives to overindulgence in pharmaceutical consumption and digital recreation.
"The Force of Things": An opera for objects by Ashley Fure and "The Nubian Word For Flowers" A phantom opera by Pauline Oliveros and IONE

Amy Melissa Reed
Director at Ma Series Arts
Amy Melissa Reed is a visual artist and improviser creating new sonic language for guitar, exploring the spontaneous possibilities of song, and researching the composer’s relationship to dreaming, storytelling, and listening. They create visual and sonic work that remembers the healing forces of the earth and our bodies. They compose for solo and ensemble.
They curate Ma Series and focus their time and energies to build an international community of women composers and improvisers who support each other and the research, practice, and performance of experimental, healing, and adventurous sonic work.

Aurora Josephson/Headboggle

Aurora Josephson (voice & percussion) and Derek Gedalecia (electronics & instruments) perform original and classic compositions across the spectrum.

Using extended techniques and elaborate backing, each performance is presented with the particular audience and venue in mind. Join us on this trip.

$5 - $15 sliding scale
21+ | wheelchair accessible

Cost: $5-15 sliding scale