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Sat, Oct 13 2018 8:00 PM

Keepsakes for Contraforte and Contrabass Flute

Keyed Kontraptions will premiere works by Brett Austin Eastman and Emily Koh. Also on the program are works by Lily Chen and Isaac Schankler.

Keyed Kontraptions is the San Francisco Bay Area duo of Meerenai Shim on Contrabass Flute and Kris King on Contraforte. The duo collaborates with living composers to expand the repertoire for these two instruments that possess great character, yet are largely underrepresented.

All the compositions in the “Keepsakes for contraforte and contrabass flute” concert were written for Keyed Kontraptions. The program will include premieres of works by San Francisco based Brett Austin Eastman and Emily Koh of Athens, GA. Vent by Isaac Schankler (Los Angeles) and “Sundowning II” by Lily Chen (Berkeley) will also be performed.