Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Sat, Oct 20 2018 7:30 PM

On October 20th, 2018 Zurich Meets San Francisco, in partnership with Soundwave ((8)) Infrastructure, and the Center for New Music present Future Sonic Cities, a contemporary, genre-defying three-part event series that presents musical artists from Zurich Switzerland, paired with Bay Area musical and visual artists. Part one, Future Sonic Cities features Bay Area contemporary musicians Alexandra “Aja” Archuleta, and Alexa Burrell AKA Lexagon, alongside Swiss musicians None of Them (Michal Ho and Zainab Lascandri), and Tim and Puma Mimi. This live electronic and vocally driven concert is layered with stunning analog and digital video projection art performed live in an explosive atmosphere at Gray Area’s Grand Theater in San Francisco.

Future Sonic Cities music ranges in style from bassy rap, to gothic rock, and pulls inspiration from afro-futurism, to meditative sound healing and experimental electronica. The musical line up presents artists whose work is informed by and celebrates the complex combination of influences at the heart of San Francisco and Zurich, sister cities that share a similar robust cultural atmosphere and avant-garde music scene. Visual art projections by Ian Colon, Lexagon, and Kim Nucci activate the large screen through analogy synthesizers and custom-built digital software. Another highlight of this visual-musical event will be Tim and Puma Mimi performing their duet live from both Zurich and San Francisco via Skype. Puma Mimi will be providing vocals and a visual light show from her studio in Zurich while Tim will be performing live on stage at the Grand Theater thereby embodying the idea of international collaboration in the digital era.